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Since it is the work of the moon to illuminate the earth and its things let us use the moon to look at the story of the zodiac. After Aries the Ram comes Taurus the Bull, which is a fixed sign, meaning it stabilizes, holds steady, and endures. It is an earth sign, meaning it is cooling, consolidating and solidifies. Being a feminine sign it is reactive in its action and feminine with a passive and receptive quality.

The symbol of Taurus is the Bull. The bull as an animal is strong, steady, sensuous, provides pleasure and is reliable. The bull has horns but unlike the Ram, it is content to enjoy life, and only responds with aggression when provoked. Once provoked though, the bull is steady in its purpose and its ways. Taurus continues the zodiac that was initiated in Aries, which is the beginning of the cycle of being. In order for the Aries energy and impulse of the Spiritus Mundi’s birth to steady into form, Taurus is needed to provide an enduring fertile ground for  being.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is moist and cool, seeks to manifest the lesser pleasures of life, but capable of falling into lust. Venus makes people who enjoy music, art, food, the pleasure of the body,  whether sex, dance, or yoga. When the Moon is in Taurus, have a feast, indulge in food. Take care of your body with yoga, take perfumed baths and flirt. Men and women should both practice rubbing scented oils on their bodies. Taurus with the nature of Venus is best when it is beautifying the world. The bull prefers walking in nature, when it is invoking the sacred feminine of Gaia.

Taurus looses when it becomes overly indulgent and is seeking to make the world for its own pleasure, rather than bringing uplifting pleasure to its relations.   When the Moon is in Taurus be sure to celebrate the beauty of being alive, and create enduring love in the hearts of all you meet.  

Being solid and of earth, the moon in Taurus is steady and can find itself slow to respond to others needs. Many bulls have failed to notice coming danger or understand and respond to situations that require quick action. They are steady and measured in movement, and this is their gift and curse.  Moon in Taurus is gifted in practical sensuality, but may over ponder its actions, even loosing them in the sensual of the experience, rather than develop an understanding of complex thoughts, which is the lesson it learns when the moon moves into Gemini.

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