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Tonight the moon is in Scorpio, so i thought to write a little bit about Scorpio. Scorpio is by nature an enigmatic sign, as all the water signs are. Water signs can not be held by the ordinary conscious mind. They are water, they are blood, they are fluid, they run warm, they run cold, and it is all emotion. This is true of all the water signs. You can not rationalize them, instead you must move into them and become them to find there truth. Perhaps you know a few water sign people, you know that they are acting and reacting from a place of water. When the moon moves into the water signs, it is when emotions rule actions. On these days let the logic subside, because it can not win, can not overcome the feelings of the day.

The Scorpion is the tumult of emotions. Cancer is the settling of emotions, and Pisces is the Vastness of emotions. Where we find Scorpio in the chart is where we undergo death and rebirth over and over again. I have Scorpio ruling my 11th house, and so for me, i move through circles of friends. This is not just a simple movement, it is a complete upheaval and loss of most connection with a group of friends. That is the way Scorpio does it! that is the Scorpio nature.

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