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It is a terrible and powerful thing to start reading astrology blogs. Thank you for your patience if you find your way here. Today I happened to read a few and both seemed to me to be written as if they were trying to convince people that astrology is just babble. Babble here means arguments that are above the comprehension of a non practitioner of the art of astrology, and that do not hold up themselves to someone who has a modicum of training in the art of astrology. Thus babble in the sense that they don’t really make sense to anyone. I already went on a bit of a tirade on how Neptune does not rule communication, and rather makes communication with anyone other than “max the crystal skull” a difficult process. So what else was there out there today? A blog post on how Mitt Romney’s progressed Lunar chart assured him of the presidency.

This article is from Jude Cowell, who I imagine by the title of her blog considers herself to be a politico. To post as she has, I wonder if someohow she has found a way to get paid by the vast resources that American Crossroads wields. If that is the case, I am jealous. Hey, American Crossroads, I’ll pimp out much better astro arguments for Mitt Romneys victory for a mere 60k. Thats a drop in your advertising budget! Send it this way! But alas I digress. Now on to the refutation. To quote from the post which can be found here
” it seems I couldn’t put off any longer posting Mitt Romney’s Secondary Progressions for the day of the first presidential debate of October 3rd (9:00 pm debate charts are used which doesn’t matter much for Progressions–unless for some timely reason it does.) As you know, the symbolic movement of the SP Moon is based on the actual movement of earth’s Moon which amounts to approximately one degree per month in astrological progressions. There are many interesting chart factors but I must only mention a few this evening”
well that is straight forward and sounds impressive, but….
“Issuing from Mitt Romney’s natal chart, we see that his SP Moon (Moon = ‘reiging need’–Tyl) has reached his progressed Midheaven (MC = Aspirations; The Goal; Public Status) and his 5-6 year Quest to be president of the land is very much in sight (MC.)”
We are getting very complicated, and I hope you are following along if your not a practitioner. There is a flaw here. The flaw is the progressed lunar chart is an imaginary movement of the planets. It is the natal chart which is the actual promise of the native. To read whether an event is destined to manifest for the actual native, rather than to just be an ideal or emotional ride, we must see how the progressed moon is acting within the natives chart. You can see that here:

Ok. His progressed Moon is going into his twelfth house, that of imprisonment and disolusion. It is about to aspect the progressed Midheaven, but is well beyond the height and the ruler of his natal midheaven. In astrology one is looking for multiple judgements to “predict the truth of something” and here we only have one, and it is negated by other judgements. Another strike, if you are using the progressed lunar chart is the Moon is actually entering its Balsamic phase, the final 8th of the Moons Journey from seed to harvest to fallow. The Balsamic phase is the fallow phase. This is not the phase one would expect the lunation to be entering if one was going to attain the pinnacle of American Citizenship This is another strike or testimony against Mitt Romney winning the presidency.

Jude goes onto note the prominant placement of Neptune opposed the Moon in the progressed chart. It is also the case in the natal chart, why is this, because the progressed Lunar chart moves forward one day for every year the native has been alive. Thus Neptune will hardly move in the progressed Lunar chart. Moon opposed Neptune is classicaly, and always a time of emotional disillusion. Here is a quote from the standerd Solar Fire interpretaion lists.

“During this period you are more sensitive to other people and your surroundings. For this reason you may feel confused. Your former goals may have lost some of their meaning. Try not to be too concerned. You simply need to slow down, rest and reflect on some important aspects of your life. As part of this process you may feel the urge to take part in creative, spiritual or artistic pursuits. These can be a valuable means of exploring your feelings, but don’t let yourself be carried away. You are vulnerable right now and need to avoid making lifelong commitments. It is a time for exploration rather than obligation. Your dream life may also be more active, as you tune in to your intuitive nature. Dreams may be more vivid, carrying messages for your waking life. Your perceptions and goals are changing in subtle ways. You need to avoid making decisions that require logic. Preferably you should learn to listen to your intuition. If in doubt then take your time before making life-changing decisions. This is a time to gently explore the more subtle realms of life, rather than forge ahead with definitive goals. You are rather like the butterfly that is emerging from the cocoon. Try not to force the process, but rather take your time and enjoy the new emerging you. As a result you will discover new depths and meanings that color your life in significant ways.”. This is not exactly a ringing endorsement for achieving the pinnacle of life. Rather it is a call to slow down and reflect on ones life and how it may have erred from ones spiritual path. This is yet another Testimony against Mitt Romney attaining the white house. Jude did get one thing really right.

Now if I was Mitt Romney’s astrologer, I would have mentioned a few things to him. The first is that under these aspects he is at the height of his efforts, but the efforts will not pan out as material accomplishment. Thus he should take careful steps not to burn bridges during this time, be as honest as he can in his family life, and not trust what his advisers are telling him. For when Neptune is opposed the Moon, one is likely to be misled emotionally through the quest for an ever allusive validity. I would not be telling him he is a shoe in for President. That itself would be misleading. As a whole, his Lunar Progressed chart looks to indicate the culmination of 30 years of effort, with its final dissolution, leading into a placement where from behind the scenes he works to aggressively the spiritual agenda of his faith (new moon in Aries, which is in his 9th house.)

I thank Jude for writing the original article which gave me inspiration to respond. Thank you for taking the time to read, and I would love to debate further if anyone is interested.

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