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hidden foxHere we are in the heart of Mercury Retrograde and I wanted to take a perusal through the headlines to see if we could find its typical effects.

The most obvious and immediately striking headline is the technical computer difficulties of the American Affordable Care Act. Now why would the AFA be struck by this motion? These difficulties were there before Mercury went Retrograde, but they were for the most part being ignored. As soon as Mercury went retrograde they were all any one was talking about. The law was signed on March 23 2010 and has a 5* Cancer Moon. This moon is being afflicted by a square from the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. Mercury will go direct while trine the natal moon of the AFA. This promises well, that by the time Mercury is direct, many of the glitches will be worked out, and the public will move onto other interests. This ties in with important information I would like to express about the phenomena of Mercury Retrograde.

I had a friend tell me that Mercury Retrograde is really effecting her right now and it usally does not. I asked her if she had a lot of planets in Scorpio. Of course she does! Mercury Retrograde effects you strongly if its station aspects a natal planet. That is what to look for when you want to know how you will experience any particular retrograde. You will also find significance if Mercury then chooses to go direct on one of your natal sensitive points. I use an orb of 3* to show whether there is a noticeable effect or not. In most cases transits to outer planets do not produce verifiable noticeable effects. The time when this would be different would be when the outer planet is deeply involved in a stellium that Mercury’s motion is triggering.

If none of your sensitive points are being triggered during the retrograde or direct point, then sit back and enjoy, except for a few minor hiccups, you will be mostly a spectator to Mercuries drama this cycle.

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