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I have recently received my Certified Medieval Astrologer degree from Astrologos. A friend who I told asked me, what is Medeival astrology and how does it differ from regular astrology?

Medieval astrology is astrology as it was practiced from around 800 A.D. to 1600 A.D. in Europe and the Near East. This time period combined the techniques of the Egyptian Temple astrologers, Greek Astrologers, Indian Astrologers and Persian Astrologers into a unified system. It is considered to have begun with [wikipop]Abu Mashar[/wikipop], who started using methods of giving dignity and debility to planets in a weighted score to establish how they would function in a chart. He was a prolific writer of Astrological texts, laid the founding stone for the city of Baghdad, and had an astrological college amongst other things. Following him, noted thinkers of the tradition included Abu Ma’sar, Al Kindi, Omar of Tiberias, Al-biruni, Guido Bonatti, Antonious de Montulmo, Abraham Ibn Ezra, and Johannes Schoener.

Until recently modern astrology relied on understanding planets in aspect to each other as well as a a fixed meaning coming from there sign placement. It s focus was on houses that tended to have meanings based upon psychological aspects of the self, and broad categories of symbolism. The main thesis is that astrology is reflective of the psyche, and indicates psychological tendencies and habits. Its value lay in understanding the nebulous truths of ones varying moods and impulses, as well as

The Medieval style of astrological study relied on an understanding of planets in there condition based upon wether they liked there place in the as well as how they aspect one another. This method of analysis allows for a deeper richer insight into how a Planet is going to produce definite effects, and cause certain motivations to arise in the Native.  It looks for definitive forms of soul needs, much deeper than psychological impulses conditioned since childhood.  the The view of Medieval Astrology is that we have fate, and that fate is bestowed upon us by an all knowing good power. Belief in the divine is not required to see the accuracy of these techniques. They work, they are the result of thousands of years of study and contemplation by people who had time and intent to observe themselves and the world around them.

So treat yourselves to these techniques through study or through getting a reading. You will find them rewarding.

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