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The immaculate art of Frank Frazetta. Scorpio is a feminine sign.
Conquer your foes while Mars is in Scorpio

Mars has moved into Scorpio and we should all notice it. It will be in Scorpio until January 4th 2020. Mars is a difficult planet who on the positive side brings energy and accomplishment. On the shadow side Mars emanates strife, aggression, and war. Mars has been in the sign of Libra where its temperament is cooled, it’s aggression hesitant, and its nature underhanded. Mars in Libra is not great at accomplishing things as it is risk adverse.

Mars in Scorpio is a whole other matter. Here the activity of the planet of activity is swift. While it can be biting because the strikes of the swords and arrows come in the night. We are now in the season of less light in the northern hemisphere and Mars enjoys the cooler temperament. This is because Mars is a hot planet, and by rule of what we astrologers call sect, does better when its heat is cooled.

When we speak of any planet in astrology we have to look at it from two perspectives. One is the clinical level of how it effects the chart and the native. In that sense, Mars is a real difficult energy. Whatever house it fall in in your chart, there will be difficulties that you will have to over come in your life.

The other approach to looking at planets in a chart is how can we use the spirit of the planet to enhance our life. For Mars, where it falls in the chart shows an area of your life where energy and vigor will return rewards.

You can look to the house in your chart ruled by Scorpio and see where energy and vigor will bring rewards for the next 6 weeks. Mars will be in Scorpio until the 4th of January.

If Scorpio is your Ascendant, use the energy of Mars to accomplish your personal goals. This is your time to establish your personality in the world without hesitation. Be careful of accidents coming from impatience.

If Scorpio is your second, use Mars to get ahead financially! Watch out for thieves or impulsive spending.

If Scorpio is your third, use Mars to reach out and connect with siblings. Do not get caught up in petty arguments.

If Scorpio is your fourth, use Mars to engage in home projects. Be sure to fix anything having to do with your house or apartment before it becomes a real problem. Avoid family arguments unless there are long unresolved issues that need to be tackled.

If Scorpio is your fifth, be sure to get out and have fun! Sports activities and sensual pleasures will be very rewarding this holiday season! Avoid being to harsh on your children.

If Scorpio is in your sixth, take care of your health. Schedule time with an acupuncturist. Be careful of fevers.

If Scorpio is in your seventh, engage passionately with your partner or pursue one with vigor. Avoid arguments with your lover as they can quickly become over heated.

If Scorpio is in your eighth, apply for loans, grants, or seek financial aid from others with passion and clarity. You have the energy to get what you need. Cut debt mercilessly. Be cautious in all dangerous activities.

If Scorpio is in your ninth, travel!

If Scorpio is in your tenth, tackle work projects with vigor. Avoid confrontations with your boss.

If Scorpio is in your eleventh, then engage in social activities and holiday gatherings with joy and energy! Be careful of quarrels with friends.

If Scorpio is in your twelfth, during this time you will need to look at self sabotaging habits and how to release them. Be careful of excess or sudden attacks that you do not see coming.

If you have any questions where Mars falls in your birthchart, just email me, leave a question in the comments or ask me on Twitter @dorjepadma. I will help you get that information. I offer astrology readings here: Heartastrology.

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  1. Hi Angie, If you email or post your birth date time and place I can send you a free astrology chart showing or post which house scorpio falls into in your chart.

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