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Three things you should know about Mars in Capricorn. It is willful, lusty, and ruthless. That is the way the energy is, this is not some peaceful, the world is a good place thing. It is the raw fire that makes the world the way it is. We can wish for peace, maybe we can get peace, but there is war and there is lust. There are the police. There is the Military. There are the good and bad elites, kings, ministers, presidents, dictators, druglords, rebel leaders. They are part of our world, they are part of the story of this earth and they always have been. They are part of your story, and they always have been. There is part of you which is ruthless and willful. That wants the world to be the way you want it. That part is the Warrior King, or Warrior Queen. From now until December 4th is our time to get in touch with that piece of our wholeness and put that card into your deck!

Why is it so. Mars is the planet of lust and desire in action. It is not a passive desire like Venus, but an active desire that seeks what it wants and takes it. Mars is lust with aggression. If you want a nice iced coca cola while you are sitting by the pool you have two choices, wait for the pool barmaid to come and give you one, or get up and go get it. Venus waits, the Mars goes and gets it. What does the Mars get in Capricorn, it gets resources, it gets physical, it gets its desire. Capricorn rules authority garnered by resources, hard work, and wisdom. Combine the thrust and lust of Mars with the gathering of authority, resources and hard work and you get how Mars becomes a ruler. It rules by getting what it wants. This is the truth of exalted Mars in Capricorn.

From a feminine example Mars in Capricorn is found in the chart of Megan Fox. You can see the lusty authority, it is magnificent, perhaps it was a little to much for Hollywood to handle. Rumor has it her presumption of authority is what did her career in. None the less, her greatest movie fame came from the Military Mechanistic Transformer movies. The Transformers, wow, that is so Mars in Capricorn. Worry not for her career though, Jupiter conjoins her midheaven by direction at the age of 37, she will come back, or find her true fame at that point.

Interesting to note is that her midheaven is in the 9th house by whole sign. She is known to be into the mystical and even tried to explain how astrology works to Conan O’brian and even told him what his spirit animal is. She also read Ellen Degeneres astrology chart for her. She was courageous enough to take her alternative beliefs and cast them into the mainstream media. Now that is some ballsy Mars in Capricorn stuff! That is what we are talking about, the authority to believe in yourself and do what you know is your truth no matter who pushes against it. This is Mars in Capricorn!Meganfox

From a masculine perspective Mars in Capricorn is found in the chart of Jake Gyllenhaal. He is so intense and creepy isn’t he? Not to mention that in all of his recent movies are super Emo killers. I know people who can not watch movies with him in them because he gets so intense. He has a Leo rising, a Gemini Moon, and a Sagittarius Sun, none of which say super intense and creepy, but Mars in Capricorn in the sixth house of work ethic nails it! Fearless lust. The movie that catapulted him to fame was Brokeback Mountain, perhaps the first mainstream movie to openly deal with homosexuality in a way that society freely embraced, one could even say it was the coming out of the closet movie for America itself. Speaking of which a rugged cowboy with sexual feelings he can’t get over, that sounds like the lust of Mars in Capricorn again doesn’t it! If that does not, perhaps Jarhead does! If it does not, perhaps a warrior prince of an ancient culture does. What we do know from all these movies, is Jake is cast as a man who no matter what the odds get what he wants, and is willing to wreck whole cultures to get it. That is Mars in Capricorn.
prince of persia jake gyllenhaal movie posters 2200x3200 wallpaper_www.wallpapername.com_90

These two are meant to be examples of embracing your ruthless will in getting done what you need to get done. The next month you should take advantage of the Mars in Capricorn energy to discover your inner warrior, have great sex, and create goodness in the world by embracing the spiritual, sacred, eco-warrior with in you. Humanity needs Mars in Capricorn in the just sense, and you can be that. Do not let your warrior reside in the shadow any longer!

Sometime between now and December 4th do one at least one thing with FEARLESS INTENSITY.

If you wonder about how to bring your warrior out, give me a call for an astrology reading, and we will discover who your warrior is, and what it wants to do during Mars in Capricorn. Readings are $150 dollars for 90 minutes and include a recording of the reading. .

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