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I just finished watching the “Social Network” and wished to take a look at Mark’s Zuckerbergs astrology chart. His time of birth is currently not public knowledge, so astrologers are presented with a problem in making concrete statements about his individual circumstances that catapulted him into the highest degrees of success, fame, and wealth. Still, however there is a lot we can learn about the personality and its drives from using the Sunrise chart, or the Noon chart, which are defaults when the time of birth is not known.
First his chart here for you:

OK. Now look at this, the first thing the movie says is that he has women problems, it is not that he isn’t interested in them, his mind just can’t help running over them. Relations with women are severely afflicted in his chart. The Moon is between the two Malefics, Saturn and Mars, the Moon is also being eclipsed in a day. Likewise, Mars and Saturn oppose his Venus. His mind is very intense. The moon also represents the mind. A man with this chart is very intense in the way he thinks and his emotions. They are hidden though, they are in the sign of Scorpio. It is a full moon though, and that means his hidden thoughts, no  matter how hard he tries to hide them, become revealed to the public, to the world, and to the women he is with.

If you think of it, his initial foray into facemash.com, which was his revenge on the women of Harvard, this was very Saturn and Mars, he was being dismissive of women here, it was no problem for him. This combo though, the Moon, Saturn, and Mars, gives him tremendous ruthlessness though.  A secret ruthlessness, because again it is in Scorpio, meaning it is not seen in the open, until it is too late.  This is evident, in his business dealings.

Now he has a full Solar Doryphory. A Doryphory shows how willing others are to do your bidding, how much power you have in commanding the world to work the way you want it to. This is a very powerful consideration. All 5 of his main planets aspect before the rising Sun. He commands people, they can’t help but work for him.

For his wealth, then a Medieval rule is that if the ruler of the main luminary aspects the Part of Fortune, it will bestow great wealth and sustenance. The ruler of the Sun is Venus, and it does aspect the Part of Fortune. How is he to make this money, well Venus rules entertainment, and Aquarius technology.  Thus Entertainment Technology. What a perfect chart! I am Amazed.

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