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The opaque and mysterious lunar mansions.

This is an archetypal breakdown of the 28 mansions according to the tropical zodiac, this definition comes from Agrippa, the great medieval occultist. This table shows the benefits of making the appropriate lunar talisman at the appropriate time. I found this in my drafts for the Heartastrology blog and apparently wrote it in 2010 but never published it. So, I have no idea if I inputed it myself or where I picked it up from. I probably inputed it myself, as there were a lot of grammatical errors in it, which I have tried to correct. If I lifted it from a site and you know which site it is, please dm me on Twitter or email me so I can give credit where credit is due.

I find the 28 Lunar Mansions to still be opaque at best, and extremely esoteric at the worst. I do not find many compelling explanations for them or how to work with them, other than talismanic fantasies. I am posting these as a reference for my own contemplations as well as others still trying to crack the code which reveals them as more than the muse of sorcery or a navigational instrument for crossing desert sands.

name(name – Latin)fromsignificanceTalisman forwith image of
1. Alnathhorns of Aries0° Ariesjourneys and discordthe destruction of someoneA black man in a garment made of hair, and girdled round, casting a small lance with his right hand
2. Albothaim
belly of Aries12°51’22” Ariesfinding treasure and retaining captivesreconciliation with a princeA king crowned
3. Achaomazone
rainy ones
or Pleiades
25°42’51” Ariesprofits sailors, huntsmen, alchemistshappy fortune and every good thingA woman well clothed, sitting in a chair, her right hand is lifted up on her head
4. Aldebram,
Eye or head
of Taurus
8°34’17” Taurusdestruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, and gold mines, the flight of reptiles and creates discordrevenge, separation, enmity & ill willA soldier on a horse, holding a serpent in his right hand
5. Alchataya
A mans head21°25’40” Taurushelps safe return from the journey, instruction of pupils confirms buildings, gives health and goodwillthe favor of kings and officersThe head of a man
6. Alhanna
the little star of great light4°17’09” Geminifavors hunting, besieging towns, revenge on princes, destroying harvests and fruits, hinders medicineto procure love betwixt twotwo images embracing one another
7. Aldimiach
arm of Gemini17°08’34” Geminibrings money and friendship, profits lovers, disperses flies, destroys teaching authoritiesto obtain every good thingA man well clothed, holding his hands up to heaven as it was praying and supplicating
8. Alnaza
misty or cloudy0° Cancercreates, love, friendship, travelers’ fellowship, drives away mice, confirms captivityvictory in waran eagle having the face of a man
9. Achaam
eye of Leo12°51’22” Cancerhinders harvests and travelers create discord between mento cause infirmitiesThe image of a man wanting his privy parts, shutting his eyes with his hands
10. Algeliache
neck or forehead of Leo25°42’51” Cancerstrengthens buildings, extends love, goodwill and helps against enemiesto facilitate child-bearingThe head of a lion
11. Azobra
Leo’s mane8°34’17” Leohelps journeys and money from commerce, and redeeming captivesfear, reverence, and worshipA man riding a lion, holding the ear thereof in his left hand, and in his right, holding forth a bracelet of gold
12. Alzarphatail of Leo21°25’40” Leoprospers harvests and plantations, betters servants, captives, and allies, but hinders sailorsthe separation of loversA dragon fighting with a man
13. Alhayredogs or winged ones of Virgo4°17’09” Virgofavors benevolence, money, voyages, harvests, freedom of captivesthe agreement of married couples and for dissolving charms against copulationimages of man in red wax and woman in white wax embracing
14. Achureth, Arimes, Azimeth, Albumech, AlcheymechVirgo’s ear of corn17°08’34” Virgofavors marital love, healing of sick, good for journeys by sea but bad for the landdivorce and separation of the man from the womanA dog biting his tail
15. Agrapha
covered or flying covered0° Libragood for extracting treasures, digging pits, helps divorce, discord, destruction of houses and enemies, hinders travelfriendship and goodwillA man sitting and inditing letters
16. Azubene
horns of Scorpio12°51’22” Librahinders journeys and marriage, harvests and commerce, but helps redemption of captivesmuch merchandisingA man sitting on a chair, holding a balance in his hands
17. Alchilcrown of Scorpio25°42’51” Libraimproves bad fortune, helps love to last, strengthens buildings, helps sailorsagainst thieves and robbersAn ape
18. Alchas
heart of Scorpio8°34’17” Scorpiocauses discord, sedition, conspiracy against powerful, revenge from enemies, but frees captives and helps buildingsagainst fevers and pains of the bellyA snake holding his tail above his head
19. Allatha, Achala, Hycula, Axalatail of Scorpio21°25’40” Scorpiohelps to besiege and taking of cities, driving people from positions, destroying sailors and captivesfacilitating birth and provoking menstruationA woman holding her hands on her face
20. Abnahayathe beam, transom4°17’09” Sagittariushelps taming beasts, strengthens prisons, destroys allies’ wealth, compels a man to come to a certain placehuntingSagittarius, half a man, and half a horse
21. Abeda
the desert17°08’34” Sagittariusfavors harvests, money, buildings, travelers, causes divorcethe destruction of somebodyA man with a double countenance, before and behind
22. Sadabacha, Zodeboluch, Zandeldenathe shepherd0° Capricornincites the flight of slaves and captives, helping escape, and curing diseasesthe security of [i.e. to catch] runawaysA man with wings on his feet, bearing a helmet on his head
23. Sabadola
swallowing12°51’22” Capricorncauses divorce, freedom of captives, healing of sickdestruction and wastingA cat having a dog’s head
24. Sadabath
star of fortune25°42’51” Capricornhelps marital understanding, the victory of soldiers, causes disobedience, hindering the execution of authoritythe multiplying of herds of cattleA woman giving suck to her son
25. Sadalabra
the butterfly, unfolding8°34’17” Aquariushelps siege and revenge, divorce, prisons and buildings, speeds messengers, destroys enemies, helps spells against sex or to cause impotencethe preservation of trees and harvestsA man planting
26. Alpharg
Phtagal Mocaden
the first drawing, draining21°25’40” Aquariushelps union, love of men, the health of captives, destroys prisons and buildingslove and favorA woman washing and combing her hairs
27. Alcharya
the second drawing, draining4°17’09” Piscesincreases harvests, and money, heal illnesses, weaken buildings, prolongs imprisonment, endangers sailors, and helps bring evils against anyoneto destroy fountains, pits, medicinal waters, and bathsA man winged, holding in his hand an empty vessel, and perforated
28. Albotham
the fishes, Pisces17°08’34” Piscesincreases harvests and commerce helps the safety of travelers in dangerous places, causes marital harmony, but strengthens prisons and causes loss of treasuresto gather fishes togetherA fish

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