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After, or before, every Solar eclipse is a lunar eclipse. Sometimes there are lunar eclipses before and after solar eclipses. This time, there is just one afterwards. It is occurring on Dec. 10th, and visible above the west coast of the United States. You can read about it here: http://shadowandsubstance.com/.

For those who study astrology, the study of the eclipse cycles are very important. One can find that they flavor international events for there duration of effect. Again the duration of the effect is measured by the time it takes for the eclipse to occur. For every hour of the eclipse we count one year. There is a sage who lived in 8th century Iraq. He said, “it is fitting to know the Ascendant of the middle of the eclipse, ans the one who is in charge of the same Ascendant and its figure. Which if it were a malefic, it will signify impediment and destruction. But if it were a benefic, it will signify fitness. It is also said we can tell by a lunar eclipse the weather for the following season, this would depend if it were in an Air sign, Water sign, Fire sign or Earth Sign.

So lets look at this eclipse. First we find that the eclipse (for Arcata California) is occurring with Sagittarius Rising. Thus the eclipse is ruled by Jupiter. This is a benific, so those who fall under the eclipses shadow shall receive benefit. Woohoo. Rejoice, sing praises to the Lord Jupiter. Mercury is conjunct the Ascendant, what kind of benefit, it is the benefit of ideas, communication, trade. This Mercury is ruling the midheaven. We can generally surmise that on the west coast of the United States favorable economic conditions will arise for the next four years. This will be due to technology and trade. Perhaps it is such that the United States will move to more Trade with Asia as the European Economy struggles, and this will be of benefit. Perhaps this has to do with alternative energy.  Because Mercury rules the Midheaven, this signifies good for the Governer’s of the West, as well as the President of the United States and the Prime Minester of Canada over the next six months.

The eclipse is occurring in the dry sign of Gemini during the winter. I would then say this foretells of a dry winter for the west coast with high winds.

How does this effect one personally. If it aspects your chart we can judge it as so. Any one with 19 degrees Gemini as a piviotal point will receive the benefit of this eclipse.

be well, enjoy the light, as well as the darkness.

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