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Lunar eclipses create effects on a few levels. They will create an effect on any planet they aspect in a tight orb. They will also create an effect on the weather. The effects on personal planets are defined by the soros cycle that the eclipse is part of. This eclipse is part of Saros cycle N15. According to Bernadette Brady its effect is a” time of good news which entails responsibility or commitments, but there is joy in the undertaking. Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenthood can be highlighted.” To look at this within your chart look for the access of Scorpio/ Sagittarius and Taurus/Gemini in your chart. That is where this eclipse will play out in your chart. This includes the last solar eclipse also which occurred at 21* Scorpio. The Lunar Eclipse is occurring at 6* Gemini.

As a powerful example I have a client whose nodal access is at 4* gemini. The first solar eclipse of this cycle conjuncted her Moon. The Lunar eclipse is conjunct her south node, she became pregnant.

Certainly an eclipse event in the Natal Chart is going to trigger a karmic challenge or lesson. For an event to occur, one must have an orb of 2.5 degrees or less by opposition or conjunction. Some use wider orbs, but I do not find the eclipse is certain to effect if you go farther than that or if you use other aspects. Brady will use a square aspect by one degree, but I have not seen the square have enough force to radically push the native in the case of a transiting eclipse.

Lets say you have Saturn at 6 degrees Gemini in the 5th house. The likely effect of this eclipse will be one of forcing engagement in creative endeavors, or with children. This would be a case out of responsibility or duty. But the experience, because of the nature of the Saros Cycle would be one of joy, or enjoyment. Look at eclipses in the natal chart as karmic triggers.

In Mundane astrology the Sign of the lunar eclipse is indicitive of the weather for the next season. This is said by Masha’allah, who lived in 8th century Iraq. He said, “it is fitting to know the Ascendant of the middle of the eclipse, and the one who is in charge of the same Ascendant and its figure. Which if it were a malefic, it will signify impediment and destruction. But if it were a benefic, it will signify fitness. It is also said we can tell by a lunar eclipse the weather for the following season, this would depend if it were in an Air sign, Water sign, Fire sign or Earth Sign.”

The eclipse is occurring in the windy sign of Gemini and is conjunct Jupiter who rules winds and storms. Likewise the Ascendant for the eclipse is Scorpio, a tumultous water sign. We can safely surmise that it will be a stormy windy winter for the west coast of the Americas. But what of the people. One would have to look a the town and location for what the ascendent is during the eclipse. I prefer looking at the Solar eclipse for the fate of the people predicted during the eclipse, and then I prefer to look only for those whom the eclipse is casting its shadow. However. In watching events from eclipses unfold, I believe that is not necessarily correct. My judgement is still out. If this eclipse cycle was to say something about the people on the West Coast of US. So all I will predict on a Mundane level is a stormy winter with high wind.


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