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Traditionally in astrology Jupiter is considered to be the god of Storms. In Norse Myth this was the god Thor. He was Zeus in Greek mythology, which you may remember yielded thunder bolts upon the unsuspecting. This is because Jupiter Ruled storms. It was by tracking the movements of Jupiter that storms were predicted. To this day, weather astrologers have amazing accuracy in predicting weather, for example visit weathersage.

Now when Jupiter the god of storms meets [wikipop]Uranus[/wikipop], the god of the sky, in Pisces what do we get. Well these two have been dancing for all year in and out of Pisces and Aries and they are about to conjunct again. In fact, we will see them conjunct in just a few days. This is of course a combination that makes, storms. Well, we did have a tornado in Brooklyn already. We also have Hurricane Igor, which thankfully is not going to make any significant landfall, aside from the Bahamas, as it is a beast of a storm.

The last time the two planets conjoined we also had severe Tornadoes in the states, these were in the Greatlakes area and were very destructive. Now what is this to us. I mean how is this useful other than watch out for tornadoes or storms in your area, (which is not very useful to most of us)It is because outer and inner correlate. Watch out for upheaval this weekend. Watch out for insight this weekend. Watch out for things to get all wound up and blown out of proportion. This does not mean they will, but watch out, just in case.

Like wise, you may be visited by a sudden opportunity for change this weekend, that opportunity would come in the house where the conjunction is occurring. Jupiter is opportunity, and Uranus is the sudden. So keep your eyes open and make a leap of the benevolent God Jupiter sends you a gift.


Jupiter Gives a Gift

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