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JohnColtranephotoI love the music of John Coltrane. I have since I was a young child. It was not the smooth sensuous notes of his early Jazz career that brought me into his flock, and thus the larger world of Jazz in general. It was his mystic music, his reverence for the divine. His early career was marked by the usage of drugs, some of which were heavy and hard. In 1957 he had a spiritual vision of God and which enabled him to kick for ever the use of hard drugs. After that he went on to write Love Supreme, which still may be the greatest spiritual ballad of the modern era. What gifts a musician spiritual vision, what demon pulls him into drug use? Certainly Jazz and Blues are famous for walking both lines which meet at the Cross Roads. The devil takes some, and others ascend to the almighty. Where do we find clues to the path in the chart? Here is John Coltrane’s chart.
What we are going to focus on for the question at hand is Jupiter in the 12th house at 17* Aquarius. Why this planet? Jupiter rules the Ascendant of John Coltrane as well as his Midheavan. It is the ruler of his human form (the ascendant) and his career and public display (the Midheavean). Jupiter is the planet of the divine or God, it is Jove, the great king of the sky. It expands what ever it touches endlessly. Here it is touching the 12th. The place of the 12th is associated with many difficult aspects of being a human. These include jail, drug addiction, and madness. I know many people who have Jupiter in the 12th who have ended up in one of those three paths. If one is kissed by the divine though, Jupiter can be Vision, Mysticism, and being overwhelmed by God.

Here it is an an approaching square to Mars, which it hits first, Mars is in Taurus where it is in detriment. It has a little to much feminine lust. This brings about the drug addiction side of Jupiter. Then it hits Saturn in the 9th. Saturn in the 9th in Scorpio has a deep hard faith to it, one that is profoundly spiritual. We see Coltrane’s Jupiter hitting first a lusty indulgent Mars seeking vision (the third is the house of dreams and personal vision) and then coming out of that with a strict religious and spiritual Saturn that makes the Jupiter tow the line. This movement culminates in his creative masterpiece “A Love Supreme” which is recorded in 1965. I am doing this live right now while typing, but my bet is that in 1965 we see a powerful and interesting direction in his chart.

wait for it…..

Boom. Yes, Jupiter directs (a theoretical movement based upon approximately one degree per year given to any planet in the chart) to Uranus, which is of course the modern planet of ecstatic awakening. Meanwhile in the year 1957, when he first swore off alcohol and heroin, we find that his Firdar had moved into the cycle ruled by the Moon. Why is this important, because the Moon in his chart rules his creative musical expression. Being ruled by mars in the second house of what one posesses it allows for him to recognize that his music is his creative gift from god and he had a purpose higher than self indulgence, the purpose of giving Divine Music to the world.

What we find here, is a man who through faith and creativity, was able to tap into divine grace and turn addiction into one of the greatest recordings of the modern era.

Of course a good astrologer could have told him what his purpose was from the outset.
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