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hqdefaultOh Trump. Oh President Donald J. Trump. You are shaking the world man. If you might indulge me, I would like to look at the Presidents chart and share some opinions.

To start with we are all Trump. We live in an interconnected world and our actions, thoughts, and prayers effect the world. We are co responsible with him for creating the world. The Buddha taught a concept that beings transmigrate through different realms, birth after birth. Some realms are enjoyable, many others are not. Since the turn of the century, here in America, we travelled through the realm of Bush, then we spent 8 years in the realm of Obama, and now we are entering the realm of Trump, for an as of yet undetermined amount of time. Being as how the President is like a a king, but with term limits (for now), we can assume that the chart of the President effects the experience of the nation during his reign. (oh I wish I could have said her reign, but that is not to be just yet.)

Here is Trumps standard chart, and a deviant chart that the Astrologer Chris Brennan is finding works. I post them both for they provide a significant variation in house placement. I will probably be going with the Virgo Rising chart, because Chris seems to be pretty reasoned in his preference. I welcome other opinions though.

Chart 1 is leo rising. This one is most commonly used.
chart 2 is Virgo rising. It is 0 degrees Virgo, this is just a difference of a minute, so that really is going to make it an interesting call for astrologers. When my twin boys were born, the nurse said the hospital clock they used on the birth certificates was always off one way or another. Whatever…here is chart 2.

Why look at both charts you, the inquisitive intellect might ask? Look at the time stamp on these. A difference of less than a minute changes the rising sign.

First though some observations on the planets that does not change with house placement. Saturn is Conjunct Venus. That is control of woman, or the feminine. So he thinks women are to be controlled. Venus is also art, so he thinks artist and art are to be controlled to? yeah, probably.

Mars in Leo conjunct Ascendant. Ok, he is aggressive about what he wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Check. He views the world through a martial lens, and he sees life as a combative arena.

Neptune Square Mercury, let us call that … the facts are never concrete. I have that, people have accused me of being a liar. I don’t lie, but I think it creates a more flexible way of thinking about reality. One that can be self deluding. You find ways to believe what you want about the world. In other words, he does not think he is lying, but we all know what is really going on. I guess I will have to work on that to.

Sun conjunct North Node, Moon conjunct South Node, ok he was born during a lunar eclipse. Ok, maybe he is some extraterrestial demonic agent. Hah! Just kidding. Gulp. Well, let me walk that back and say maybe he is possessed by some weird entity. One can find that quite often with people born exactly on the eclipses. The south node lessens the good or bad of what it touches, it is touching the Moon in Sagittarius, his ability to empathize is wounded. People who have strong moons are very empathetic. The Sun Conjunct the North Node and Uranus makes him very disruptive, all in Gemini, very changeable, very mutable. Just think, he was a democrat 10 years ago. There are a lot of rather circumspect speculations out there on the internet that Donald Trump is guided by heaven’s hand, this is a common new age interpretation of the Moon and Sun conjunct the Nodes. Of course he was guided by Heaven to be President, he is President, so how could it be anything other than the natural will of the times.

Jupiter stationary in exaltation in Libra. Well he has luck on his side. That might not be a good thing, depends on your view of how lucky he has become.

I am defenitely going to go with the Virgo rising chart. The analysis is Subjective, but he wrote a book called the art of the deal. That sounds like a 10th house Gemini and first house Virgo to me. Both are ruled by Mercury which is the “deal maker.” It also would highlight his penchant for news and media. That Mercury is square Neptune, and in Cancer, both of which I associate with mass media, such as Twitter. Twitter must be ruled by Mercury right?

My smmary is: A man who means well but is vindictive, confused, easily manipulated and yet incredibly lucky and willing to destroy everything to do what he thinks is right. But be warned…what he thinks is right changes…. maybe by the day.

I aspire to do a little reading on his transits, progressions and directions soon. They are really interesting, and scary.

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