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“…Placed the Sun among the six planets, three above it and three below it. From among the three which are above it is the Killer, whose name is Saturn; it is traversing a zodiacal sign in thirty months and traversing the sky in thirty years approximately. He created under it Jupiter; it traverses a zodiacal sign in a year and traverses the sphere in twelve years. Its name is al Burjisah. He created under Jupiter, the Red One, which He called Mars, it traverses a zodiacal sign in forty five days and the sphere in eighteen months approximately. Below it is the Sun: it traverses a zodiacal sign in twenty five days and the sphere in ten months. Lower that it is the Scribe whose name is Mercury; it traverses a zodiacal sign in eight days and the sphere in three months. Below it is the Moon; it traverses a zodiacal sign in two nights and the sphere in twenty eight nights. Then it is visible in twenty eight mansions and it is possible that it is created on the thirtieth day or on the twenty night day and night, and on the thirty first it appears. In the zodiacal sign in which the Sun turns is created the crescent. Lower than the Moon is fire, and lower than fire is air, and lower than air is water and lower than water is earth. “

What I like about this quote, from a manuscript by Kristin Lippencott and David Pingree (generously supplied to me by Christopher Warnock) is first the description of the planets. Saturn…is the killer, Jupiter is the judge, Mars is the Red One. Also it shows how if you were out looking at the stars, night by night, rather than a computer screen like most astrologers (including yours truely does) you would get a sense of how quickly the stars traveresed the sphere of space. That would give you a sense of there timing.

A little later on it is said…”The Sun is the Amir, Venus is the Wazir, and the Scribe is the Messenger, The moon the peerless dancer, and Jupiter the Judge, The Killer is the Jailer, and Mars the Policeman and Executioner. …”

This all seems a little stark. But stark language is good. There was an astrologer named Grant Lewi, he predicted his own death to the year…it was when Mars by primary direction conjuncted his Moon. His moon, I assume was his life force giving planet. But we see here that Mars is the Executioner. This stuff works, and is best paid attention to. I knew of another client whose Mars by primary direction opposed her Ascendant. She became sick with cancer and died.

With western medicine its a lot easier to avoid death than it used to be, also with forknowledge you can work with a situation. Mars Oppose you Ascendant…do Chi Gung, find a way to channel the energy. Its all workable if you have the right tools.

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