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Do we know what Human Design is?

By Mario Sarmiento

If were one to speak from a larger inquiry of what Human Design is, perhaps I would almost want to suggest we do not know yet clearly enough understand what Human Design is and what fully arrived with it?  It is too early. If you heard how it was the result of some kind of Supernova with neutrinos passing through many human’s all over the world in 1987, and some were fried, then you maybe confused as to what that might mean or portend. If you’ve heard Ra’s story of madness, his experience of the Voice, then the fog nestles deeper into your analytical eyes. If you’ve seen the rave mandala or human body graph the mystery only betrays more mystique, the aura of which has been made much clearer by other authors and practioners. I serve you here only to clarify some if its more fine tuned nuances illuminating the mysteries of human destinies and relationships for practical understanding.

What I have observed is that in getting a Human Design reading, is that some struggle with the learning curve, which is to say, it begins with a technical left brain understanding. I have noticed this puts some people off. However, if patient, there is a gradual understanding, that being said, it is a 7 year cellular process. Maybe, its good to see it as an investment in your communication between your mind and your body’s intelligence and the understanding that it is your body’s authority that is really learning a process and that your mind is only involved initially.

I will clarify, one very important point. Human Design as Ra described it is a synthesis between the ancient spiritual sciences of kabbalah, Hindu Chakra system, Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, and I-ching along with he modern sciences of physics, biology, and genetics.


The first and most evident point for those with some Astrological understanding is that upon looking at the human graph, you are looking two different birth charts. The left hand side glyphs are signifying  unconscious birth chart the 3 months and 90 solar arc degrees before birth. The right hand side black column has planetary glyphs representing a conscious birth chart as we see in a Astrological birth chart. Instead of Astrological symbols we see numbers that correspond to the overlay shared between the Ancient Chinese book of changes the I-Ching  with its 64 hexagrams in correspondance with the human genetic code 64 codons and 6 bases per codon.

In other words, we are looking at a unique representation of two birth charts combined using a 64 gate mandala, each group of 5 gates roughly ruled by one Astrological sign. The cusps are usually split between the receding sign and next sign. In other words, a more minute expression of the Astrological decant system is at work.

What to expect in a reading?

Expect to a 7 year process. Something to listen to again and again.

The authorial part of your physical being and it may not be your mind or your gut!

A sense of why you have trouble grounding or staying in an equilibrium between self and others, feeling frustrated and how to understand your energy levels! A very interesting caste system is dilineaneated in human design types, (freedom lovers, who will free you from your freedom?) A sense of possible acceptance of your own self in terms of accepting the adventure what is life, that is living in a vehicle, and riding along through the journey, through the mystery of what it is to be alive.

The most important aspect to be aware of, is that initially Human Design is a left brain concept that while during and after the 7 year process, becomes an energetic process, where you can begin to observe closely the dynamics of your own seemingly huge reserve of energy that needs to be burned off, Generator likewise with a Manifesting Generator and their seeming issue of how can I get this done the fastest, Projector is sitting around waiting for someone to invite them in, the Manifestor long gone out to take over the day, and the Reflector, well, playing out the monthly lunar cycles to play out.

Here is a place of more drivel if you feel so impelled to experience more confusion and eventual breaththrough…

Mario is a Human Design reader and astrologer. He is available for Human Design Readings and can be reached by email at: Mario Sarmiento watcherovworlds@gmail.com

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