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When using astrology it is helpful to think of the planets as gods or living beings who have something they wish to do. This is a metaphor of course, but it is the base of the philosophy. We have then these gods, who are Archetype actors on the field of our life’s play. They are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Modern astrology has given us many new actors, but if we go beyond Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the information although fascinating gets very complicated very quickly. To help understand how to time our life and the events that occur in it, we will need to understand how the actors are interacting. In astrology this is done by looking at the aspects. There are five traditional aspects. These are called the Ptolomeic sequence. They were very clearly elucidated by the philosopher astrologer [wikipop]Claudius Ptolomy[/wikipop].

These are the conjunction, which signifies that planets are empowering each other with their energy.

Then there is the Sextile, which signifies that planets will accomplish what they want by working together.

Next is the square, which signifies that planet is going to create change through struggle.

The trine signifies that the planets will easily get what they want.

Finally, the opposition, means there will be a struggle between the planets that will not be resolved.

On an inner level, Oppositions, Squares, and Conjunctions are times when our soul can grow. It is the struggle of the cauldron, and the chamber of the alchemist. It is a time push beyond your ordinary habit patterns. Trines and Sextiles are boring, they are times when your habit patterns bring ease to your life.

So on days with Conjunctions, Sextiles, and Trines, your life and intentions will flow more smoothly, because the archetype energies of the planets are working together. On days with squares and oppositions it will require more work and effort to get what you want done, because the archetype energies of the planets are working against each other. This is a very simple way of understanding how transits work in your daily life. Enjoy.


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