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-pokemon2The major transit of this year is Saturn Square Neptune. This is the final square of the Saturn Neptune cycle that began in 1989. During that year ( I will get to the Pokemon soon, I promise!) a most marvelous event occurred, one that would change modern human existence remarkably. It was not noticed by many, but would be so far reaching that one could not imagine life without it a mere 25 years later. Would you care to guess?
Saturn Conjunct Neptune occurred that year in the sign of Capricorn during the month of March. 12 degrees Capricorn. During this month on this year, Sir Tim Berners Lee while working for CERN laid out his map for what became the World Wide Web, the Internet. Capricorn is a fixed earth sign. We can gather that this event which was a mixing of Neptune, the Illusion, and Saturn the real would become fixed into the earth itself.
9 years later in 1998 the waxing Saturn Neptune square occurred With Neptune in the air sign Aquarius and Saturn in the earth sign Taurus. Another event occurs, that like the first would change human life to its core. Google files for incorporation. Google. Here the internet becomes grounded into the fabric and structure of human life. The effect is so deep that this companies name becomes a verb, its own language.
The Saturn Neptune opposition, or the “full moon period” of the cycle, occurs in 2007. Saturn is in Leo, the sign of Me, and Neptune is in Aquarius, the sign of everyone. This is the year that Apple introduces the Iphone to the public. To comment on how this changed the human experience would take volumes. This is when you became connected to the the everything of the internet.
This should be sufficient evidence to show that the current Saturn Neptune cycle is the history of interconnection through the internet. The development of a new way of being, communicating, storing, accessing, and contemplating the human mind. One that is not isolated into nations, families, or individuals, but is a hive mind. Where human reality begins to exist simultaneously in another dimension of time and space which co occupies physical space. If the arc of this planetary cycle is to finish, it would be logical that it would fully integrate these two dimensions.

Speculation was that this would be through virtual reality. What is the internet if not a virtual reality. While VR headsets are a tantalizing foray into a VR, and have been released en mass this year to the public, it is Pokemon Go, which sweeping the heart of an entire world has marked the event that integrates the VR world of the internet into the physical world of humankind. With in one short week, in the middle of the Saturn Neptune waning square, Pokemon Go has become more popular than twitter, has more daily logins and users than the former king of content on the internet, Porn, and has so integrated the virtual with the real that the two have become indistinguishable (go to your town square and look around if you doubt it.)

You might be thrilled to play Pokemon Go, or you might see it as a passing fad. Some see it as a further method of government spying and mass psyche control. No matter how you view it, by studying the current Saturn Neptune cycle, the timing of the phenomena points to one undeniable fact, Pokemon Go marks a permanent cultural shift, the full effects of which it will take years to unravel.

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  1. We were adicted to screnes,long ago;I was first thinking of T.V.,I forgot film.Now we are out of our minds with screnes and alienated,more than ever,annd less empathetic and even less in the Now.Film was in i’s hayday,classy.T.V. had mission to culture in the 50s and early 60s.Now everything is so crass and vulgar.

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