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Hell-2The Full Moon in Sagittarius this week will be conjunct a retrograde Mars in a Fire Sign. Retrograde means crazy, Fire sign (Sagittarius) means hot gas and explosions, and Mars means aggression. Full Moon is always a big public thing. Mercury is Retrograde, and so we have already seen one hit to an airplane, which will probably be classified as a terrorist explosion, matching the wind up to the week. I would not be surprised if we see another explosion in the news before the week.

Well, you could see arguments with friends or loved ones. Political tensions become very hot, Facebook feeds begin to barbecue, and accidents in cars can abound. Expect to see police tensions in the cities and feel exhausted and frustrated, maybe even sick as we are also subject to over heating in our bodies.

Bottom line, take it easy, do not take the bait and argue, and do your best to stay relaxed while the world turns into a hieronymus S Bosch painting for the weekend. It will all be over by Tuesday and we can go back to our liberal new age mellenial hug fest with one another, so do no harm until then. Cheers.

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  1. I was rear ended by a burnt orange BMW last night! The driver lamented, “I wasn’t even texting or anything.”

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