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When Uranus is in Taurus you will need to ride the bull.

Uranus in Taurus 2018

Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus from 2018 to 2026. Its motion through Taurus will be as follows.

When Uranus moved into Aries in 2011 we saw immediate impact on humanity. The impact was the stunning earthquake, resulting tidal wave, and nuclear accident known as Fukushima. I have gone back through 4 decades and found that when Uranus shifts into a new sign there is a tendency for an earth altering event to occur no matter what element Uranus is moving into. Uranus also portends revolution in a an area of human life.
When Uranus moved into Aries, the revolution that occurred was a new understanding of global warming (Aries is a fire sign) as well as a new relationship to energy that resulted (renewable energy became a human cause). The political entrenchment with the oil and gas industry that we are experiencing with the Koch, Trump, Russian axis is a little bit of a backwash to a decade of movement towards renewables.

Uranus moving into Taurus

With Uranus moving into Taurus one would expect a seismic event of notable effect for humanity. One would also expect for a revolution or change in earth structures, habitats, and agriculture as these are key themes in the domain of Taurus.

The last time Uranus moved into Taurus was in march 1935. Because humanity was traumatized by world war II, there are some dire predictions, but this transit is not a war description. Uranus is change and revolution, war is given to Mars and Pluto by thorough observation. 1935 was the year of the great Dust Bowl in the US. It started in April, which was an earth moving event that had to do with crops.

Significantly Taurus is associated with Persia, or Iran. In March 1935 Persia formally became known as Iran. For this reason with confidence I can say that in Iran there will be significant cultural and identity change in the next 8 years. In Pakistan and earthquake struck in May that killed 40,000 people. There we go with earth movement. There can be a reasonable argument made that Pakistan is also associated with Taurus the Bull symbolically.

In 1935 the Social Security act was passed, which changed the way that Americans relate to money, savings and retirement. It was the first initial movement towards a basic income guarantee. I fully expect part of Uranus Transiting Taurus at this time to be a further movement towards basic income guarantees. Especially as workers continue to be displaced by robotics.

The Hoover damn, which was a massive earth moving structure was dedicated this year. The Great Silk Road project is the similar arising of massive earth moving for this pass through of Uranus in Taurus.

Another interesting thing is entertainment. Taurus is associated with the transformation of art of image. In the 1850’s this was the transformation of photography from Dagguer type photography to glass plate and silver print photography that made image mass reproducible. In the late 1930’s when Uranus entered Taurus the first color films came out and the industry of film started to take off. We are talking Snow White! Interestingly enough the technology which spell bound the masses was used to create what might be termed fake news and propaganda films by the new forces of fascism being cultivated by the sinister man Adolf Hitler and Goebbels. We are now entering a time when digital enhancement can make any image appear real in film, bring back dead actors to take part in movies, and thus we will shortly enter a new phase of the illusion of image. What this portends for virtual reality, propaganda, and film shall be fascinating to watch.

Enough about the world, let us talk about a very basic way to look out how the transit will revolutionize your life in the next 8 years.

But how will it affect you?

This question depends entirely on where Taurus falls in your chart by house and what planets it aspects. A Trine or sextile aspect to your ruling luminary or ascendant will change who and what you are in the world with ease. A square or opposition to those points will change you by struggle and strife.
If Uranus in Taurus falls into your:

First house, look for changes to your body and personality. You will change your identity.

Second house, their will be changes to your financial relationship to the world.

Third house, there will be changes to your inner life and spiritual practice, as well as how you relate
to your “brothers and sisters.”

Fourth house, there will be changes to your home and environment.

Fifth house, there will be changes to your relationship to children and how you enjoy the world.
There may even be an affair or two, or new hobbies taken up.

Sixth house, there will be changes to your health and upheavals by those who work for you.

Seventh house Taurus can expect changes to marriages and relationships.

Eighth house will experience sudden death of acquaintances.

Ninth house will see changes to their philosophical views, sudden foreign travels, and perhaps changes to there level of education. Go back to the University and get another degree.

Tenth house will see changes to their careers.

Eleventh house will see changes to their social groups.

And twelfth house will see radical mental transformation and visionary experiences at best.

This was a totally brief and formulaic look at the possibilities that Uranus in Taurus can bring you personally and experiential transformation. The matter requires more study on a deep level, so if you have interest in looking at the next 8 years and what Uranus will do to revolutionize your life as it travels through Taurus, consult with me, or any other good professional astrologer. You can get a reading here:https://heartastrology.com/readings/
Here is a link for what makes a good professional astrologer if you are curious.
Be well and remember shifting grounds create new foundations.

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