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Devin Nunes astrology is really interesting. As most readers may know is a California Congressman. Devin is supposed to be a dairy farmer. Although he represents a conservative California congressional district, his dairy farm is in Sibley, Iowa. Sibley is an important name to astrologers, but that is a story for another post. Devin Nunes claim to fame over the last three years has been that he used his role on the Congressional Intelligence community as a tool for his staunch support of the Presidency of Donald Trump.

This support has made him an object of ridicule amongst liberal and centrist intellects who find his antics although perhaps harmful, also hilariously see through and lacking in intelligence. Devin is once again in the news as a lawsuit he has brought against twitter and two twitter parody accounts has been met with incredulity.

One of the parody accounts, known as Devin Nunes Cow or @DevinCow, since being named in the lawsuit has gone from having 1,000 followers to having 350k followers in two days. By tomorrow, @DevinCow will probably have more followers than Devin Nunes himself has. So what does Devin’s chart say about him and his relationship to cows, governance, and the perception of being a Trump Tool?

The Chart

First his chart has a basic make up of a strong first and tenth house. This is not much of a surprise as it is common in public figures who have succeeded to positions of power to have more than one planet on the stakes of the chart. The stakes are the angular houses, the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses.

Devin has a separating Sun Pluto conjunction in Libra in his first house. This is a sign of a deep need for personal power. His own need for personal power is undermined by the Libra placement. Libra is the fall of the Sun, and thus we can surmise, that although he is motivated by and exists with in power issues, he is easily manipulated by those who have power over him. Libra is the Suns fall in an emotional context because it is to giving to others to exist within its own solar ego. The Sun is also conjunct the star Diadam, which is defined as “to sacrifice one’s self”

Devin Nunes astrology also has a separating Uranus Mercury conjunction. While his Mercury has dignity by within the air triplicity, that triplicity is week because Devin was born during the day. The Mercury is at the end of the sign and does not make a strong aspect to any traditional planet. It is a little lost, and wanders on its own. Thus, while Devin has the support of powerful people who help him stay in power, his own speech is not directed or focused. Mercury being in Libra, Devin takes on other people’s thoughts as his own easily.

Devin Nunes and Cows

Since Devin’s Sun and Mercury are in the first house, the matters they relate to will inform who he is. Mercury rules the 12th and the 9th. The 12th is cattle or cows. It is also imprisonment. The 9th is foreign nations, religions, and legal issues. The Sun rules his 11th house, friends and relations. Devin will be defined by his foreign relations, legal issues, cows, friends, hidden and secret things, and in a worse case scenario for him, imprisonment. Did we say cows? The super moon of 3/20/2019 occurs in Devin’s 12th house, bringing a gorgeous bright glowing light to Devin’s’ livestock.

The other planet on the Stake is Saturn in Cancer in the 10th conjunct the midheaven. Saturn in cancer is in detriment, conjunct and Conjunct the South Node. It is week, giving him no will of his own within his leadership and career. But it does give him stature within that very same career. Unfortunately, it squares his Sun, so again we see him harmed by his profession, and powerful authorities in his profession.

Devin Nunes predictions

Devin Nunes astrology has a Progressed Moon passed out of the 10th house of profession and worldly authority 7 months ago. At that time, he lost by vote his power as chair of the congressional intelligence committee. Now, his progressed Moon is in the 11th (social relations) for the next two years’ time. It will move into the 12th, (the house of loss of power or imprisonment) when Trump’s first term is over.

By annual profection, Devin is in a Leo ruled year. This reinforces that he is working within a social group to hold power. Unfortunately, next year he will be in a 12th house profection year. He is likely to have a bad year in 2020. Interestingly his Venus, which is in his second house of possessions is profected to his 12th house of hidden enemies. Here we see his possession of a female dairy cow rising to prominence as a hidden enemy of his.

From the perspective of Zodiacal Releasing, he is in a Libra period right now (his first house) and enters a Scorpio period Jan 28th, 2020, his second house. His released spirit is currently not aspecting by angel his lot of spirit or fortune but will do so next year at the same time it is opposing his out of sect malefic. It is however aspecting his Jupiter during this L2 period. Perhaps he is lucky until next year. Now were I David Nunes Heathen astrologer, with the aforesaid being mentioned, my advice would be as follows. Given that you are moving into several indicators of 12th house matters taking precedence over your life, it would be good for you to step down and dedicate yourself to spiritual service in a simple monastery of your choice. This would help him navigate the 12th house matters and malefic L2 Mars period. Or, he could dedicate himself to serving cows and take up the cause of veganism for humanity and the cows of the world. This world certainly help him avoid some of the karma he has accrued over

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