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Whenever a comet comes and visits the earth, according to the ancient masters of astrology as well as traditional and mythical belief systems of the paths, they are omens. How to interpret those omens is a subject of debate and many different texts. My go to text is the Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti.

What does his text have to say about Comet C2022 which swings by the earth for a little menage a trois every 50,000 years? First he likes to look at the colors, of which the main colors he defines are yellow, red, black, silver, and blue. Comet C2022 falls in the green spectrum so it is outside of his cometary (haha, I hope you appreciated that). But that does not mean we can not interpret its color. For the colors are given to interpretation based on their planetary correspondence, thus black indicates a comet the nature of Saturn, Red a comet the nature of Mars, Silver of Mercury, and so on. C2022 being green would have the nature of Venus then, as the color green is associated with Venus.

Venus represents art and women. I also give Ukraine to Venus, as it has a fertile nature that is moist. Also, the current war began as Mars besieged Venus in 2022, indicating to me a period of time when Venus was under the assault of Mars. When Venus was finally free of Mars and Saturn’s besiegement, the most dangerous time for Ukraine passed and the war entered its current standoff with its terrible trench, drone, and cannon warfare that continues relentlessly to the time of the writing of this very article, but I digress. The comet is green, and we can judiciously then put forth that Venus will be mingled in its final effects.

Next is to consider which sign it is in, and what planets it will aspect. C2022 is appearing in the sign of tropical Gemini. This indicates its effects will come through the air in general, as Gemini is of course an air sign. Bonatti also states, “And if the Tail were there [in Gemini], it signifies that the rustics will be exalted and will be stubborn and facetious against the king, and that they will fool him’ and they will rise up against his soldiers and the wealthy (or his representatives) ”

We must also consider the planet that will conjunct Mars. A comet Conjunct Mars is said to signify great battles with much bloodshed. So we have Mars, Venus, and Mercury in the mix as signifiers of this planet’s effects, as well as it being in an air sign. We also have a significant war occurring between two middle class nations (economically, I know the whole nuclear thing, but Russia is a middle class country economically) with the Wealth of Europe and the US backing Ukraine. One could argue though that Putin being one of the wealthiest men in the world(upwards of 200 billion in available assets) is involved in a war with the democratically elected Zelensky, representing a more common man (albeit his net worth may be up to 40 million).

The area where the events will occur, is said to be the direction the comet is coming from. In this case it is coming from the Northwest direction. The war taking place right now is in the Northwest region of the continent of Eurasia taken as a whole. So, there is that.

My delineations then come in several lines of probability. As this comet does not fit the classic descriptions found in Ptolemy or Bonatti, and its cycle is 50,000 years long, I find it hard to approach it with certainty. I see this comet as the foretelling of an increasingly dramatic air war between the two nations causing much suffering. We are already in a war, so it is certain that comets do indicate war of some sort as Bonatti says. It could foretell of a severe earthquake in the Northwest regions of nations (looking at the US), It could tell of death of Putin, or his infirmity through sickness, or the ending of the war on with some sort of Ukrainian victory indicating a “Victory over the King by the common man”. But these estimations are just where my attention is, it could be the death of another wealthy man or woman that is newsworthy and of public interest around the same time. I would love to hear how you would put these puzzle pieces together to foretell what the Omen of C2022 foretells according to your thinking.

Bonatti also indicates when the promised events will unfold. They occur when the Sun enters the sign that the comet is in. So what these events are, we can expect to unfold during the month of tropical Gemini. Specifically, the conjunction with Mars will occur at 12º Gemini which is June 3rd, give or take 24 hours depending on where you are in the world.

May all beings find peace and joy in the world, and not know the sufferings of illness, war, or natural disaster.

Bonattis take on comets is found on pages 979 through 987 Book of Astronomy, Guido Bonatti; translated by Benjamin N. Dykes.

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