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On a post entitled Tuesday is Mars day, I briefly outlined the function of the Chaldean Orders of the Days. that is how for over 3 ooo years calendar makers have used that order to name the Days. Thus Monday is Moon day, Tuesday is Mars day, Wednesday is Mercury day, Thursday is Jupiter’s day, Friday is Venus’s day, Saturday is Saturn’s day, and Sunday is, of course the Sun’s day.

One meditation upon this order is to think about how it is a natural archetypal flow of energy. Let us start with Monday, on this day we are going back to relating to people, it is a day when we have to integrate, a key word of the moon, with the world. We come back from resting in our own homes, with our own families, engaged in our own interests and go back to work.

Teusday is ruled by Mars. we are then shifting our attention to engaging actively, this is Mars. On this day we kick into action with a lot of momentum. We charge the world on this day, and society is fully engaged in the work week.

Wednesday is the day of Mercury, mercury rules the movement in between things. That is why it has ruler ship over commerce and travel. This idea may come from its quick movement back and forth in motion in the sky. This fits in during the week, as a Wedensday is called the hump day, the half way day, we are mid way through the work week, its good to be social on this day and use friends to support us through the week.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, it is a day of hope and plans. We start dreaming of the weekend, as well as planning the social events we will be attending. Restaurants start filling up again. Jupiter is the uplifting and expansive planet, so we move out into the world.

Friday is ruled by Venus. So of course its the day world wide where people go out and party, release the tensions of the week and take time to enjoy themselves!

Saturday is ruled by, can you guess? Saturn! and the secret meaning of Saturn is to rest. It is the day of the Sabbath, so we rest from the work week, we rest from our celebrating on Friday, we rest in ourselves, spend the day recuperating our souls from the activity of the week.

Sunday is then a day all to ourselves. Also from the one God, solar cult perspective of Christians (why solar cult, only in solar cults do you find such celebration of “he has risen”) its a day of worship. More than that, its a day really unto our selves, and those who orbit us, our family.

Such is how it goes by order of the planets. Yes, there is a natural rhythm here, and to get in touch with it, to tune into it, will bring great enjoyment, so try it out, observe how the world does have a rhythm just like this.



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