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exit from the eurozone: golden star fallen from a blue wall
exit from the eurozone: golden star fallen from a blue wall
Mars. Aggression, force, the capacity to create change. Breaking Mars. 8 years ago, when I first started doing astrology readings, one particular client, whose father was an astrologer, said, ” Mars, my father always said the motion of Mars was so important to watch.”

Over the last week retrograde Mars stationed at 23* Scorpio. It is still there which is very amazing. We are witnessing a strong, very slow, station of Mars. Mars in Scorpio is the hidden breaker. The elite assassin that kills with a single shot, suddenly, and dramatically, bringing a severe and final end with such severity that all witnesses stand around in a state of mouth gaping wide eyed shock.

Here is England’s chart. England1801

Retrograde station Mars, as you can see, exactly squares Saturn in the 11th, the house of community and associates. Saturn also rules England’s Sun, which is in Capricorn. Saturn in Leo, is self protective borders. Mars is in aspect to Neptune in the 2nd. We can see a protective fear in conjunction with financial despair were the motive of voters in England. But, woe, an action taken here brings no good to the country. It is unfortunate for Britain, only malefics are in aspect, there is no positive that will come of this. One may hope, that since Mars was retrograde, there is a small chance the action will be undone.

But what of the EU? Here is the chart for the EU based on the signing of the treaty in Rome Italy on Capitoline Hill, where the senators of Rome used to gather in 1952.
OK. Let us pause here to think about where the EU treaty was signed. Wow. Man, if I believed in conspiracy theories… . ok, moving on.
Retrograde station Mars is conjunct the North Node (karmic destiny and growth) of the EU in the second house.

I see this as a financial hit, a karmic must happen moment, that points to the growth of an even more unchecked German power state as embodied by the EU. England was a balancing voice to the power of Germany in the EU, and now it has been removed from the picture. There is a theory that the EU will break apart because of the Brexit vote. To me, it looks quite the opposite. It shall become more aggressive, it shall find its voice and power now, the bi polar nature of the EU will be no more, at will gain a force and direction it did not have before. All while England becomes irrelevant. The caveat is that the retrograde Mars means that the course of events could turn directions once again.

23 degrees is the location of the Star Agena. This star is associated with Chiron, and the correcting of an issue that needs to be healed. This provides the possibility that the Brexit will be the breaking point where the elite realize they have to provide more for the common man. Where they see they have harvested as much as they can from the European, and to turn the tide and continue the march towards a single unified world body of government they will have begin to add more leisure and wealth to the common mans experience. One can hope. It is interesting that the European Union’s north node conjuncts this star. It is indicative that the entire project may not have a bad final ending, but rather be one where humanity is lifted by its existence.

Since the second house of possessions and financial matters is active in both the EU and England’s chart, it is of no surprise the immediate financial ramifications that the Brexit wrought. Had one looked at the charts before the vote, a wager would have been a clear and safe bet.

What is the Retrograde Mars Station activating in your chart?

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