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May your ship of wealth and abundance come in.

Guido Bonatti is the most famous Italian Astrologer.

He is world renowned for his amazing art and craft.

There is a story about him I would like to share.

He had a client with a family who was very poor. One day he gave him a red wax replica of a sailing ship. He told his client to keep it and he would grow rich. The man and his family grew very rich, business deals and inheritances always came his way. In 10 years he grew very rich. During this time you could be burned and killed for practicing magic though, and the man became worried that the ship was magical witchcraft so he burned it in his hearth fire.

Within a year he had lost all of his luck and became poor.

He went back to Bonatti at the request of his wife. He told him how he had destroyed the ship and what had befallen him and his family. He begged Bonatti to make him a new ship.

Bonatti said, “oh my poor dear fool. It was not the ship that brought you wealth, it was the time it was made. It captured the energy of the stars on a date that will never repeat. An energy that created wealth for you. There was no magic involved, just an understanding of how time works, and that time is gone forever.”

Guido Bonatti, an amazing astrologer.

Today, Oct 7th 2021, you can catch a most interesting energy of Mars with Art and Beauty. If you so choose.

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