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ship in the mistLast week we tasted the overall planetary theme that defines the year. It was the Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces square complex. This event is bordered in the flow of time like this: The square starts being felt in 2015 and hits exactly three times; the first hit is on November 26, 2015 at 7 degrees, the second exact square will be June 17, 2016 at 12 degrees when both Saturn and Neptune are retrograde, and the third and final crises point is September 10, 2016 at 10 degrees with Neptune retrograde and Saturn moving direct. Saturn is the swifter planet here, it is the pitcher, and Neptune will be the receiver.

What does Saturn like to throw, you may ask. Saturn likes to establish solidity, borders, boundaries, certainty, things, ideas, and concepts that are indisputable facts. Unfortunately for Saturn that is the opposite of what Neptune likes to do. Ah….we have some dynamic tension of purpose in our plot for this one. Neptune likes to defuse, make boundlessness, take away the ground, provide no certainty and dissolve.

Let us call this the play between the dream world and the practical world. If we are speaking on an inner personal experiential level. On an outer humanity level, we will call this the testing of borders, boundaries, the law and idealism, and the experience of helpless suffering.

We are seeing this with the refugee crises. It is not only that Turkey shot down a Russian bomber over a you flew into my ephemeral sky (Neptune) border (Saturn) so we shot you down claim. It is also the debate about borders themselves, the continued thriving of the Islamic Caliphate of ISIS despite an intensive world military campaign against it, the resulting refuge crises (Neptune) and the refusal or reluctance of Western and Arab states to take the refuges in. Neptune represents refugees from war and climate change very well. Saturn represents conservative factions not wanting to take refugees in because of imagined fears (again Neptune). Neptune is all of the fears you imagine that keep you from being functional in your daily life. It is the principle of hesitation because you fear the unknown.

This can play out personally in ones life dramatically. As the square was exact two of my bank cards were stolen with out me knowing. (Neptune) and 800 dollars were charged against me before I reestablished strong borders (calling the bank and cancelling the cards, disputing the charges, and having a stolen alert placed on the cards) which of course is Saturn. Now in my birth chart Saturn rules the first house of identity and the second house of possessions. So of course! Like wise, and this is important, I have a strong Saturn Neptune square in my Natal chart. That means, the function was set to occur long before, and this transit became the timing to make it go off.

How the square will effect you depends on the houses Saturn rules in your chart, and how closely the transit touches upon one of your significant Natal degrees. I recommend patience and diligence during this transit, as well as keeping a keen eye out for the hidden. Neptune represents factors that we can not see effecting us.

Stay grounded, don’t let fear rule your day, practice breathing and mindfulness. That is the correct antidote to this transit.

Which brings up the positive quality of the transit. You see, all of the planets are inherently beneficial in one way. They all are working to bring us back into harmony with our true nature. Some might call this the will of God. Others, might call it the Tao, or resting in one’s natural state. In particular, a Saturn Neptune square is useful for this. The space element is promoted by both Saturn and Neptune. This transit is very much good for promoting spiritual development with in our physical bodies. The last major world transit, the Pluto Uranus Square was very frenetic and destructive to structure, so it may have been to violent and fast paced for many of us. This Transit is slower, and more mindful.

Be well in peace and feel free to call for an astrology reading.

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