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Boris Johnson resigned as head of the British Parliament and as head of the Conservative Party today July 7, 2022. When looking at his astrology chart and the transits he was facing the outcome was certain. He has always been a controversial figure, which can also be seen clearly by his astrology. This article explores the challenges of his chart and how it would have been near impossible for him to hold his political power through the transits that are occurring right now in relation to his nativity. Astrology can be skillfully used to navigate challenging career dynamics as well as predict mundane events.

When looking at Boris Johnson’s chart the first thing we notice is a very powerful Moon. It sits at O degrees Scorpio and rules his 10th house. His ascendant is Libra ruled by a Venus that is both retrograde and combust in his 9th house in Gemini. He has a very powerful stellium of planets in his 9th house of Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Venus. These are all ruled by Mercury as they are in the sign of Gemini. Now many people accuse Boris of being verbally shifty and not a truth speaker, but is this not the nature of Gemini?

Notably, he has Jupiter opposed Neptune giving him an absolutely dreadful inability to recognize personal and institutional boundaries. Likewise, he has a Mars Saturn square, with Mars square Uranus and Saturn opposed Uranus. This acts with a severe capacity to alter his fate with Mars or Saturn become active, especially when both become active at the same time.

Looking at each planet we see that his Saturn being retrograde and in a water, sign has very little to work with in terms of reigning in his character and giving him the guard rails that are necessary to survive life in politics scandal free. Rather than being ruled by a retrograde Venus, he is want to get into trouble through Venusian activities. Jupiter in the 8th in Venus is also suspiciously party and pleasure oriented in terms of lust for lustful experiences.

One has to consider that the Power of the Moon and the Cazimi — ish Venus ruling his ascendant absolutely propelled him to the heights of greatness. But the chart is an absolute setup for scandal, when the timing is right, melting his feathers and throwing him into a long hard fall into the deep cold English Channel.

Just by looking at the transits and the Solar Arc Direction, it became evident to me that the time was right.

Here we can see that Saturn, the great and mighty planet of limitation and “thou shall not pass” has opposed his Moon, the ruler of his MC this year. This would under the best of circumstances be a call for getting really serious about professional boundaries and working very hard not to disturb your political allies. But as pointed out, Boris Johnson can not do that. So we have in Astrology a powerful testimony that he was going to go a very public downfall in his professional life where he would have to change his public image dramatically.

The second testimony, is that Transiting Mars, during the same year as Saturn by direction opposes his native Moon is also opposing his native Moon. Saturn halts and Mars severs. What did Mars sever? it severed his public position as the Prime Minister. (note: he is still Prime Minister until another one is appointed to replace him, which could take a few months). Now a cat with nine lives and a lot of luck like Mr. Boris Johnson could survive either one of this events separately, but alas, both at the same time as testimony, and it is off to the gallows with Mr. Boris Johnson.

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