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On the Heart Astrology Facebook page, I post the daily movements of the moon, and speak in generalities about the effects of the moon on the mood of the day. The mood of the day however does not reflect what any given individuals experience will be. This is the same way that Sun Sign astrology will only by coincidence account for what you actually experience on any given day. Likewise, when we say Mercury is Retrograde, it does not mean that you can’t travel, shop, buy a computer, etc. For what is meant is general and not applying to the personal.  These two unique categories are important to keep distinct. For the general there is what is called Mundane Astrology. This is the study of what will occur to humanity, nations, and peoples over time. It is considered in the profession a very high and refined art. It is very clear when an astrologer makes good predictions for the world, and very clear when an astrologer makes a false prediction. History shows it, and no one can deny it. This is astrology for the general.

The other side of the coin is astrology for the personal. This is based really on two points. The Ascendant and the Midheaven are the two points this type of astrology is based on.  The reason for this is these are the only two points that are personal to you. All the other planets are in their turn shared by many people. But the rising point, which is the Ascendant, at the moment of your birth and where it puts all of the planets, which houses it places them, are how your soul is bound to the matter of incarnation.

For this reason then we experience transits to these personal points, they have strong effects on how one’s life direction turns. These points drive the course of your incarnation and become very strong signifiers of how your life will play out. Bernadette Brady calls the Ascendant the motivation of the person. More commonly it is referred to as the personality of the chart. The personality of the chart seems to me to be a bit of a shallow interpretation, for the personality of the chart, is all the planets, taken on their whole, with the Ascendant, Moon, and Sun being the strongest combined influence.

If we  take motivation to be the meaning of the Ascendant, and Activity to be the Midheaven, then we can see that a transit to these points, or the planets ruling them, cause life changes. I post this in the context of Mercury Retrograde. If Mercury Retrograde crosses one of these points in your chart, or the planet that rules these points, then you will notice its effects strongly, otherwise it will be a more casual effect.

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