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Yesterday I posted on my Twitter feed about how you can see past trauma in the Astrology chart. It received a tremendous response, I think because almost everyone knows this is true if they have been reading charts, but few people talk about it. A question was asked in my timeline about where and how this can be seen in the chart. Rather than answer on the timeline, I thought to answer here and in a post on my website. This keeps it more private and in house so to speak, as Twitter is a place of broad public forum, which can not only lead to misunderstanding of topics presented, but also intentionally cruel speech and trolling.

Astrology gives us insight into the whole of a human’s life, and as humans we all have traumas. These can be greater or lesser depending on our life circumstances. They can be mental in nature, or actually very physical and dramatic. As humans, we do not always get to choose our experiences, as we are born into them, and only until adulthood do we begin to have the possibility of agency in choosing what our experiences will be. Certain chart aspects tend to indicate Trauma.

The first thing to note is that having some of these placements or aspects does not necessarily mean one has been through abuse. Generally in astrology if you see more than one of these aspects, and they start adding up, it is more likely the client has suffered some form of Trauma. When we have suffered trauma, it is important to acknowledge the suffering as it is, to not to discount it, but rather to see it as part of the journey of our soul developing into wholeness. We need to learn how to grow from that into our own wholeness and overcome challenges to become stronger and more resilient. If there is an aspect that indicates trauma in our chart, then when that aspect is transited or activated by timelord, it can surface or repeat again. For this reason, it is important to learn about what that aspect means, how it can be skillfully used, and how its worse effects can be mitigated through our own consciousness and development.

Astrology and trauma in the chart

The following aspects I have found can be markers indicating astrology of trauma. Please note, I am not using Chiron, which I believe others might for such indications.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but in giving thousands of readings, I have found these do appear in the charts of people who suffer from traumatic experiences. By no means does having this means you have had trauma, but if you come across these aspects in your own chart, or the chart of others, please relate with kindness and understanding. Also please be aware that the activation of these places by transit or timelord requires one to be aware enough not to place yourself into a difficult situation where another person or another substance has power over your body or mind during the transit. Specifically if you have these aspects and they are being activated by timelord and transit, one must be careful not to fall into a vulnerable pattern or position.

The astrologers responsibility

As a note for astrologers and aspiring astrologers reading this, it is not up to the astrologer to tell a client they have had a trauma if they see these aspects. If the client has experienced trauma, and they wish to discuss it with you, they will. At that point we, as astrologers, must allow for them to lead the healing that comes from this revelation. We can suggest tools, but our role as astrologers is always to bear witness to the client revealing their soul to themselves, not to predict or push narratives upon them that they did not ask for. It is a humbling position and career to be an astrologer and one with which we are honored.I highly recommend all astrologers, whether traditional, modern, or classical take some courses in psychology, healing, or meditation to develop the ability to help people through their process.

The healing path

None of us are born perfect beings, we are humans and we make mistakes. Part of the arc of development as a human is to learn to be kinder, gentler, and more aware. The sign of someone on a spiritual path, is not that they have not been involved in difficult life experiences, rather that they have learned from those how to be better humans. One of the gifts of being challenged by the above aspects can be greater love and care for others from an expanded sense of empathy for the suffering of the human experience. This should not be understated, as empathy is absolutely a gem worth cherishing for those fortunate enough to develop it.

The complexity of how this plays out in the chart can be very challenging though. With strong Neptune or Jupiter aspects, we can move into spiritual escapism. One of the great benefits of being able to read and understand our astrology chart is that it allows us to see ourselves as we really are. From there the world is opened up as a we can begin to move into the wholeness of ourselves completely, nails, broken glass, barbed wire, blossoming lotuses, beams of rainbow light, sparks of genius and all. For we are whole beings, who have vast experiences, containing the entire universe, one and all.

Authors note. I have some of these aspects and am still working on healing myself.

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    1. You can, those are harder to predict. The reason being is that lets say the ruler of the third is Mercury and it is being transited by a retrograde Mars in opposition. The Third House indicates short journeys, Mercury can indicate vehicles, Mars can indicate a crash. Now you could go, aha! a car crash. But Mercury also indicates communication, the Third house can indicate siblings and Mars aggression. So that day could also be your Sister calls up and giving you a piece of her mind. Either way, the astrology has been fulfilled.

      This is why predictive astrology is hard, because in each case of the planet, the house, or the sign, there are multiple predictive variables that can be assigned. Still, if such was the case, that this transit was prominent, and its promise was in the natal chart, a good astrologer should say,
      “Hey, be careful around this time” if the reading lends to looking at the aspect.

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