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questioning astrologyAbout this time of year, as well as in the spring during the Aries Ingress, and of course during the change of the Chinese astrological year, we, the professional class of astrologers, cart out our yearly predictions. I have noticed, after watching the cycle for a few years now, (about 10 with avid professional interest and to note, watching cycles is what astrologers actually do, nothing more nor less) a pattern has started to appear before my very eyes. Every year, it seems, the headlines from astrologers are it is a crises year!

This is good for business no doubt! Every year seems to bring a great cataclysmic alignment that has not happened since who knows when, or since the last great calamity that shook society. Every year brings about hard outer planet squares and oppositions that are really going to rock society. Every year also brings about a few great grand trines that are the soul opportunities of a lifetime, or for that matter lifetimes! What is this about? How could we be in such a state of ongoing transformation and crises?

The answer is first, that it is good for business. If I were to write an article about how challenging the next year will be, then a few folks would read it and want to call. That would be good for me, and for them I suppose. I do tire however of the scare tactic advertising that classical astrologers use, as well as the soul evolution opportunism that New Age Psychological astrologers use. Every year will be one of immense challenge and opportunity for all beings. That is written in the stars. In Buddhist thought there is the idea of Impermanence. The core of this concept is that every day is an immense opportunity. It is one of the four thoughts, and those who master these four contemplations of Impermanence, Preciousness of being a human, cause and effect, and the nature of life as suffering, tend to give up sleep. They train their minds to recognize the disasters and opportunities on hand at every waking moment. With that recognition, they really take advantage of the time they have in their human bodies. A hat tip to them! If you gain this kind of recognition, astrology just becomes a skillful tool for timing. For the rest of us, perhaps the dire yearly astrological prognostications can serve to help remind us of that, I would say that is the benefit of general yearly prognostications!

Why would I say that? It is because the ups and downs of the year are very dependent upon your chart. For instance, we are in a 5 year experience of the Pluto Uranus Waxing Square aspect (Google it if you want to read some dire predictions!), it has not turned out necessarily as bad as it could have. The historic Fukushima Nuclear disaster happened pretty close to and exact hit. Also, if you live in Syria, it has turned out to be a particularly bad time, but that is another story. What I have noticed, is a large percentage of my clients over the last year had this dynamic planetary alignment aspecting a pivotal point in their natal chart. This general aspect affected them, because it touched a personal point in their chart. For a lot of folks, whose charts it did not aspect specifically, they did not really feel it with the same gravitas. The dire predictions associated with this grand cosmic square aspect, has not been dire, terrible, or rough.

Please understand that when we speak of astrology, we are speaking of bunch of planets, planetoids, asteroids, assigned epic myths going around in a circle aspecting themselves over and over year after year. This creates a great and dramatic story line, but that is what it is, archetypal descriptions of a grand drama. Because of this inherent paradigm in astrology, every year is going to be a crises and an opportunity for evolution. Keep that in mind as you read this years prognostications from the professional class of astrologers selling their wares, and you will have the grain of salt that makes all astrological soup taste better. I hope to write my predictions in March for your enjoyment by the way. Enjoy your New Year, it will be a good one.

Much Love,

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