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This planet is so mysterious.
This planet is so mysterious.
Hmm….I am going to try a new approach to astrology blogging. Rather than writing long thought out pieces that have their own integrity, and then procrastinating endlessly, when the muse is not present for such endeavors, I will just blog out daily thoughts on Astrology and perhaps other topics. Bare with me dear audience, it could be messy, genius, or boring. At the very least it shall become a little more productive.

I have been under the sway of a Neptune transit to 5 of my personal planets for the last 5 years. It started with Neptune Square Jupiter, then moved onto oppose Venus, Sun, and Mercury, and will end with a Square to my Natal Saturn next year. Mercury by whole signs rules my sixth house as well as my ninth house. So one would expect the opposition to effect the areas that those houses rule within my chart. That is how astrology is supposed to work.

As it turns out, with the aspect being exact this week, the oddest and strangest phenomena has happened. How Neptunian! One of the six chickens I own disappeared. No trace, just vanished. Not only that, but each of the six chickens was assigned to one of my family members, and the chicken that disappeared was the one who was “mine” with in the family context. According to William Lilly in his book Christian Astrology, the sixth house (remember it is ruled by my Mercury which is receiving an opposition to Neptune right now) rules….get this…..”the small animals which one possesses.” Neptune has everything to do with disappearance. Neptune also is associated with mystery and uncertainty. Two days after disappearing, we heard thumping outside at night. This morning I woke up and went outside to a beautiful frosted yard with…. you guessed it, Garu’s (the chicken who disappeared) feathers scattered about the yard. Now a Raccoon, which is always the number one suspect in these parts, only eats the gullet and always leaves a carcass. You guessed it, Mr. Neptune said no carcass, in fact, not even enough feathers to determine whether my sixth house possession was alive or not. Just Mystery…mystery my friend Neptune. I loved that chicken, it was a pet after all, so I spent the day in a minor depression, which as all astrologers know, is ruled by Neptune.

Some strange facts about Neptune. Neptune actually has an internal heat source, which keeps it as warm as Uranus even though it is a billion miles farther away from the Sun than its closest neighbor. No one knows what the source of this internal heat is, after all, it is considered an ice planet. Neptune’s magnetic field is not in any way aligned with how the planet rotates. Why it is the way it is, no one knows. Neptune’s moon Triton, one of 13 orbits the planet in the opposite direction of the other 12 moons. Again why this is is uncertain, and uncertainty is ruled by Neptune.


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