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Without Sex and Death would there be beauty and love. For the next two days Venus will be Trine Pluto. Venus as the lesser benefic can be intense when in this aspect. It calls forth images of intense passion as we have urges towards pleasure. Energetically Venus is the urge towards the pleasure of incarnation.

Pleasure in our current society is a commodity, and the struggle to attain it is one of the roots of conflict within our society. Venus was considered by the Meso-American cultures as well as the Chinese and Babylonian astrologers to be a harbinger of war. Because desire is endless, the powerful have an innate and intense habit to dominate those without power to gain and control the resources that bring pleasure. The fight over this power, is a cause of war. Pleasure is even used as a means of having power over the working class. This is found through the constant selling of sexual imagery, alcohol and intoxicating substances, and the pleasure of food, fashion, music, movies and all forms of entertainment. All of the items just mentioned are ruled by Venus. Pluto has been given rulership of power by modern astrologers.

When Venus is trine Pluto, then the mechanisms of Power and Pleasure are available to use and meditate on. When one meditates and gains mastery over the energies of Power and Pleasure for personal transformation into wisdom this is one of the considerations of Tantra.

Those who have Venus trine Pluto in their Natal charts will have an ease of using sensuality as a commodity of power, this can be a creative gift or a manipulative gift depending on the motivation and wisdom of the individual.

How do you use beauty to have power over others. How do your desires control your actions, and have power over you. How can you transform your experience of desires into the power of wisdom. These are subjects to meditate on over the next few days.

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