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Astral Tunes makes music from astrology, the location of the planets www.astraltunes.com

Astral Tunes is a project that I having been coding for over a year for Kay Thompson. The end point was originally a synth that played the location of the planet as musical instruments. It comes from a vision that Kay Thompson had when she was a young child in the 1950’s and it is her life long ambition to bring it to life. The next stage will be an ability to share songs that you create on it socially or with friends. This stage has now been accomplished. The final stage is to put out an app for the Iphone and Android Play Store so you can make astrological music on your cell phone.

The way Astral Tunes works is you enter a date or time. You pick an instrument, and then set the tempo and octave. You can add a beat to it with any number of instruments. Then you press play and a song is generated based on the position of the planets for the moment of time you entered. We are using the tropical zodiac for the music. Although in the future I would like to add a version that allows you to switch between the tropical and the sidereal zodiac. Also I would like to add the planetary terms and Decans as musical notes. You can record and download the songs to your computer as an MP3. Of course this allows you to then text or email it to friends and family.

Part of Kay’s intention was that you could record songs for special moments in your life, such as:

My thoughts and explorations are that it is also useful for:

Using Astral Tunes

Using astral tunes is very easy. The instructions are straight forward. The following steps will have you creating a song from time in no time.

  1. Select a date (you can select as many as you want to add variety to the composition)
    A single date will give a composition of the 9 major astrological bodies. This will be in order The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
    A planet which is in apparent retrograde motion from the earth will be rendered as a ternary. That is the synth will play the note of the planet, the note above the planet, the note below the planet, and the note of the planet again.
  2. Select whether you would like the song to loop or end after playing once through.
  3. Select the Tempo you would like your tune to play at.
  4. Select the Octave you would like your tune to play at.
  5. Select whether you would like the notes to have a reverb on them.
  6. Select the instrument. At this point you can play your song or add a beat.

  7. Currently we have 7 beats set into the instrument.
  8. Again select whether you want reverb. The beat currently is set to the tempo of the main astral tune.
  9. Select the beat volume.
  10. Select the beat instrument
  11. Select whether you want the beat to have reverb.
  12. If you change the instrument, you must change the beat.

On all devices and browsers other than IOS/Safari you can currently record and download the song. This download you can save to your local files.

The Data Base

If you are a registered user, and we encourage you to register, you can enter your song in the database.

To do so you will need to do the following.

After you do this, upload the song and it will be in the database where you can edit or change it if needed. It will render in astral songs and you can send that link via email to anyone or post it on social media and others can here your song.

It is that simple.

To visit astral tunes follow this link: www.astraltunes.comhttp://www.astraltunes.com

Please enjoy this marvelous instrument.

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