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Im still working on this, but for now this will do. I will try to finish it by the end of the week. I am posting it because some of the things said, I am already seeing in headlines.

Interpretation of the Aries Ingress 2012 using the considerations of Guido Bonatti. Guido Bonatti was a very well learned astrologer in the 15th century. He wrote an entire treatise on how to predict the fate of nations using astrology. Predicting the fate of nations is considered the highest and most difficult form of astrology. Here I will be attempting to use his methods to make predictions for the upcoming year, in general and with some specifics. I wish to express here, how after years of study with good teachers and reading good authors, I am still a student of astrology. So I do not vouch for these as being complete truths that are accurate prophecy. Rather for my own learning, and with the intent to provide something interesting to those who know me and those who read the blog and Heartastrology Facebook page, I am sharing this exercise with you.

The chart that is to be used, according to Bonatti, whose methods all the following prognostications are based on is the chart that occurs at the closest second that the Sun enters the first degree of Aries in the Capital city of the nation in question. Of course we are using the Tropical Zodiac, as we are speaking of the seasons.

First we decide on the ruler of the people. Most commonly it is the ruler of the Ascendant and the Moon.  Bonatti has given 12 methods and fifty four considerations to decide on the ruler of the People, or the Ruler of the Chart. I have determined that by his considerations, it should still be Jupiter.

Next we decide the ruler of the King, or in our case as citizens of the United States, our President. Most commonly the ruler of the 10th, which is the house of the lord, is taken. But using Bonatti’s Methods again, I have determined that it is the Sun in Aries, conjunct the Fourth House cusp (the Imum Coli) that is the President.

Having decided first these two things, what can we tell. First the People being ruled by Jupiter is fortunate. It is in the Fifth house of joy and leisure, in the Taurus, the sign of prosperity and abundance, and conjunct Venus, the planet of women, enjoyment, and food. Jupiter is not harmed by a Malefic planet nor is it severely afflicted in other ways. This would tend to indicate that for the American people, the economy will continue to improve over the year. There will be good crops, and wealth. Entertainment will be good and there will be fortune and strength for Women and women’s needs for the year. It is a year of plenty by this consideration, and the fortune of the nation shall indeed be in general good.

Next considering the President in the chart we may find the following. The Sun is in its exaltation in the sign of Aries in the fourth house. Given that it is a presidential election year this is good fortune for the President. The strength fo the placement indicates that he will hold his house, which is the white house. In the house of Mars, we know the president will be fiery. With Mercury under his beams we know he will be a great orator again for the election.  In the fourth house, the house of the enemy of the king, we can say he will bring the fight to the Republican candidate and his forces will conquer there name through his propaganda. We also know there will be sudden turns of events in the election cycle as the modern planet Uranus is within the mix.

Concerning the issue of war, of which we have seen much in the news lately. Bonatti clearly states that if Mars is retrograde and cadent, war will not come to the nation. Further he states that if military action does occur it will be short of duration. Since Mars, the planet of War is in the Ninth house, we can say there will be war in foreign nations, but they will not be clean. The American people, represented by the Moon, shall on the whole oppose the notion of war and there will be further pressures to withdraw from Afghanistan.

For soldiers and vets there fortune is mixed for the year.

Mars in the ninth shows a great deal of debate over religions place in the nation during the year. Since it is the highest planet in the chart, this and conflict in foreign nations dominates the national dialogue. I fear it is a resurgence of old fundamentalism, trying to take rehold of the American culture. However with Mars opposed the moon, the people do not wish it.  I do hope it does not also portend more protests at universities, but I believe it does. Likewise I sincerely hope it does not show a shooting at a University, but it may. Likewise there could be the death of significant religious figures by acts of violence

It is said that when Mars and Saturn are above the horizon but no benefic is, this is a sign of suffering for the nation. I believe this is indicative further efforts at “austerity” by our political leaders as well as a sense of trouble in the world. Like wise because the two malefics are in opposite hemispheres it indicates that the East and West of the nation will be in argument. I take this to refer to election politics.

With Jupiter and Venus conjunct in the fifth house fortune for the year shall come through farming, plants, art, entertainment, minerals, and all things that have to do with construction.

The south shall have a hot dry summer in general and the North shall suffer from storms and winds.

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