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While driving around my little cozy hamlet of Arcata today, I was thinking about how Saturn in Scorpio has a quality of urging us mere mortals to dig deeper into the mysteries of life. Saturn symbolizes earthen work, and Scorpio that which is deep. Masha’allah the famed Jewish astrologer of the 14th century, said, which if memory serves me goes something like, “all things are indicated by the moon”. In astrology we like to say that the full moon is the fruition of what was promised during the new moon.

Now obviously for those of us who live in America, Hurricane Sandy is getting a lot of play. As I write this it is devastating the east coast, in ways that we will not know the full extent of for days. It seems though that the New York City Subway system is suffering from historic flooding, that at least 14 houses in the “rockaway district” are on fire, and other intense damage is being done to the city.

So, if Masha ‘Allah is correct, then I would theorize we could see the karmic winds of this storm, so to speak, in the New Moon Chart for New York City. Here is the chart:
The first thing I noticed was Saturn exactly conjunct the Asc. in Scorpio. That is a heavy seed being planted. When I see Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in a natal chart, always the person is very hard on themselves. They are learning a hard karmic lesson in the current life. Saturn is considered the greater malefic in traditional terms. It is very powerful as it is in one degree. The next thing I notice is that Mars and Uranus are in exact trine! This is important. Mars rules violent storms and fires. Uranus is also very active when storms are involved. Mars is the lesser malefic. It is ruling the identity of the City for the current Lunar Return. That is the city will be transformed by forceful and violent storms. Scorpio is a water sign, so the main significator is water, but Mars and Uranus are in Fire signs. Thus we could see that despite all the water the element fire will get its say to. With Saturn right on the ascendant, one can expect the law will come down very hard and very quick on looting or any sign of social unrest as a result of the storm.

On the positive side, the part of Fortune is conjunct the Ascendant also. Even though the Mars in the 2nd house of finacial matters indicates a costly storm, a good deal of wealth will quickly flow into the city to get it back on its feet. The Sun indicates the rulers of the city. They are in the 12th house which is powerlessness. That indicates they are not capable of doing anything to prevent the nature of the disaster itself as it arises.

It is easy to judge in retrospect, but I would say this chart has been very illuminating as to the effect that a new moon in scorpio can have when exact aspects rule the ascendant of a given chart, along with Saturn conjunct the Asc.

I believe the purpose, if one is to speak of such things, in this chart, is to illustrate and force positive action in relation to the rising oceans and tumultuous weather patterns that man has created upon the beautiful garden of the earth.

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