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This Blog is meant to be of benefit to humanity, both friends and foes. I am writing it with the great intention of helping to reduce suffering in the world. My own small way of doing this is by practicing buddhism and studying astrology and feng shui. Astrology and Feng Shui are skillful means. This means that by applying them consciously in your life you can reduce your suffering and the suffering of others. This is what is meant by bodhisattva, one who acts to reduce the suffering of others. My wish is to act with such courage, in an honest and humorus way.

The master of setting perfect intention was Santideva. He was an Indian Buddhist Sage of the 7th century. His text, called “The Way of the Bodhisattva” is a master work that can guide people of any philisophical belief to a more fulfilled life. In this text he says,

“The intention, ocean of great good,
That seeks to place all beings in a state of bliss,
and engages in every action for the benifit of all:
such is my delight and all my joy.”

Thus with this blog, I aspire to benefit all who come and read it. To help myself and others find a way to enjoy this mad life, during these mad times, so in the midst of a mad world we can enjoy more peace. With that being said, I wish to express all of my appreciation for my teachers, Chagdud Tulku, Lama Drimed, Lama Padma Dorje, and Jigme Tromge, to my lovely wife, whose kind support has helped me to engage in this career. To my lovely mother and father, whose kind support gave me a body. And appreciation to all of my friends and connections, whose kind support I could not live with out.

Thus the foundation for a good blog has been laid as been reworked during a very meditative void of course moon in Gemini on May 25th 2009

May it be Auspicious

The natural ease of a generous soul.
The natural ease of a generous soul.

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  1. Hi Dorje,

    I just came across your blog and website, while looking for information on the heart in astrology. One of my best friends is currently suffering from some heart problems and asked me to check out what might be going on with her astrologically. At any rate, I’m glad I stumbled upon your writing.



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