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world devourerOn April 20th there will be a big cardinal square involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. As is usually the case, some folks are writing intense and perhaps scary articles on the suggested effects of such an astrological occurrence. For whatever reason I have begun to love seasonaly refuting what might be termed “doomsday astrology.” So…..here we go.

A friend wrote recently asking about the upcoming grand square involving Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars. He had read some dire predictions and I seek here to give ample reasons why most of us will not be impacted. This does not mean there is not valid guidance in various attempts by astrologers to explain how to use the energy of this Grand Square it is rather saying, do not take everything personally, nor dramatically. For the most part, planetary astrology is not personal, only natal astrology is personal.

Of course if you would like a personal reading on how this transit might effect you, please feel free. I would love to connect and consult with you.

To start with we must understand that the astrology of nations is different than the astrology of individuals. It will cast a pallor upon the lives of individuals whose charts otherwise would not be affected by a given transit. The great astrologer Mas’hallah, who came up with the date for placing the foundation stone for the city of Bhagdad (which was known as the city of peace for 500 years, a relative success story in terms of historical time.) As well as the Jewish astrologer Abraham Ibn Ezra, both stated that when we speak of astrology we speak of astrology for Nations, Cities, and People. The first has power over the second which has power over the third. Likewise the astrology of the king, president, prime minister, or dictator has power over his subjects. This being said, in general a grand square will only effect those whose chart points it exactly touches in terms of specific points. For instance, if you have a planet or sensitive point (Ascendant, Midheaven, Part of Fortune, Part of Spirit, or either of the Nodes between 12 and 14 degrees in a cardinal sign) then and only then will you actually be effected in a material way by the given transit.

This brings us back to the first point, say this transit was to trigger Isreal bombing Iran’s Nuclear facilities, then Iran was to close down the Arabic Gulf with its little gun missile boats hitting oil tankers, then the U.S. to respond with the 5th fleet, then…. As one can imagiune, the various national charts would trump millions of personal charts. The question is, will that happen.

We have to consider a few things, the most important being, which national charts are effected. So far, during the Waxing Pluto Uranus Square, we have found that the most affected areas have been in the Middle East. We have seen dramatic effects in Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia. These collectively have been come to be known as the Arab Spring. Now why has this square effected this area. I would hypothesis that it is because the Middle East is now ruled by Mars and or the constellation Aries. Aries represents the first, and this region of the world is the “cradle of civilization”, like wise this region is Hot and Dry, which is the temperate nature of Mars. In addition this region has been associated during the last century with war and strife (Mars) and raw energy (Aries). This deviates from the writings of Ptolemey, but I think it is worth considering. Uranus is in Aries, and that would be why we are seeing the revolutionary impulse of the square occurring in this region.

What is important to note about this transit, is that it is a waxing square which is life affirming according to the great astrologer Dane Rudyhar. It has brought hope during times of stress and movements, more or less successful, towards democratization and awareness of oligarch over reach. This is opposed to when we as a world experienced the same tensions as a waning, or life negating square during the 1930’s (again according to Dane Rudyhar) the results were the rise rather than distrust of oligarchic power in the form of Fascist states as well as the Industrial Military Chemical complex and all of the ill it has wrought upon society subsequently.

So my initial response is one of hope rather than despair with Jupiter, the planet of hope, keying into this T Square. Further more the use of Mars for war has been a rather recent innovation and I have not yet read a paper showing historical proof for it. From the time of the Mesopotamian astrology to Rome (5000 years) which is a far greater time in astrological study than since Rome (2000 years) Venus was the planet used to indicate war and pestilence.

All of that being said, does the chart touch a key aspect of the chart for the United States of America? The U.S. Sibley chart, which is the main chart given to the U.S.ofA. (there are at least 3 charts in use by a large amount of astrologers, and multitudes of little off shoots) has Saturn at 14 degrees Libra, which would indeed then be activated. However Saturn in the Sibley chart does not Rule the Asc, Midheaven, Sun, or Part of Fortune for the national chart. It does rule the Moon, which for a nation indicates the people. The Moon however is in Sect and has power, it is also not the spirit ruler of the chart, since it is a day time chart. It also rules the second house and the third house.Thus at best I would forecast a rising of people against the 1% perhaps a movement similar to occupy wall street for this spring and summer. Likewise I would consider a stock market that makes radical moves in a bubble direction. That would be the extent of my forecast given all the aforementioned factors. I believe everything else would be hyperbole or fanciful conjecture in search of emotional effects upon the readers. This is only in accord with the U.S. Sibley chart, the effects could be dramatically different for other national charts depending on where the Grand Square hits. If we are to use the second most popular chart for the U.S., the Scorpionic America Chart June 10 1977, the Grand Cardinal Square does not hit a sensitive chart point at all.

To double check on the matter I am going to look at the Aries Ingress chart for Washington D.C. to see if there are any other stress points. The Aries Ingress occurs at 12:57 PM March 20th in Washington D.C. Jupiter conjuncts the Horizon in Cancer, The Sun is in Aries on the Midheaven. Now this has been said to indicate a nation will go to war and will have success at such endeavors. I will have to study this further, as our country is in a state of ongoing war and has been so for decades now. But there is no indication in the chart, at a cursory glance, of impending doom. Again, this only reflects the U.S, One cannot speak to other nations without looking at their own unique situations astrologically.

Of interest is the National Chart of the Ukraine. I pointed out on my facebook page, heartastrology, on February 18th that the Ukraine’s chart meets the criteria set forth. Seeing as how this proved to be an accurate prediction of where the “event” of this transit would occur, before the actual even occurred, I will write a post concerning how it fit for the readers general education.

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