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The year of the Monkey is here! The monkey is the trickiest of all zodiac signs, a perpetual fun maker who just wants to enjoy life, and never wants to be boxed into a corner. Not only is it a tricky monkey year, but it is the Fire Monkey this year! What does that mean for us, it means we will all experience a lot of monkeying around this year! Nothing should be taken as straight forward, nothing is going to be as it seems, everything is going to be a monkey trick, or perhaps a monkey puzzle.

Monkeys really like moving, so we should all exercise this year. Run around, sometimes with clothes, sometimes without, just having fun. Monkey is not really a jog or do slow yoga type of animal, Monkey likes ariel ballet, monkey bars, cliff and rock climbing, going to the beach and stealing other peoples Daiquiris. abc_monkeys_110121_wg

Well, we better all exercise, because monkey does like to drink and eat, and be social. If you want to throw some big parties, this is your year! It is a go big or go home kind of year for all the monkeys. It is also an election year, and that is the biggest party of all in America, so get ready for some monkey business during the election. Trump will be making monkey faces, Hillary will be saying monkey things, Sanders will be getting working class monkeys all stirred up, and Cruz will be sending out monkey mailers to trick people! Amaze your friends when the next political controversy is ginned up and you point out, “of course! Politics is all Monkey Business this year!”

Speaking of which remember Gary Harts political career fell apart on the ship Monkey Business, so you can expect a few hidden scandals to show up. These scandals will be all about passion because it is a fire monkey and the fire monkey loves passion. A cautionary note would be this is not a license to get totally crazy, as the monkey always ends up getting in trouble of some kind or another for his mischief.

Romantically, this year be aware that the monkey is usually only after short term goals, he is not known for his long term thinking, but rather his immediate pleasure gratification. Money wise, I would invest in entertainment. Monkeys love a good show, and your going to see some great shows this year! Sports wise, there are always funny things that happen to the balls during the Monkey year, so money is not best placed on the sure thing, and there will be plenty of upsets.

I know this was not a list of 8 monkey things, but monkeys love click bait, it is so tricky isn’t it!

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