Heart Astrology

mountain-goat-3Oh Mercury in Capricorn, you are so down to earth.
Do I love you, no I endure you with love, let me explain the ways…
1. Being so conservative and practical by nature, you help me conserve my hard earned resources instead of giving them to Chase or Wells Fargo, for you alone endear such joy in reconciling balance sheets.
2. YOu think so practically and concretely, Without engineers we would have no bridges, they would not design the cars that run through the cities and carry us to and fro on the practical highway system, Oh Mercury in Capricorn, you take us everywhere!
3.Let me name some of your beautiful voices: Taylor Swift, Shakira, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presely, and David Bowie. Oh, you do know how to make money with your voice, Itunes and I thank you.
4.You make the mind a workaholic, you set the task and you are determined to complete it, you alone are the perfect gift for Students engaged in December finals and year end accounting
5. When you speak, like a stone, you mean it. Like a stone, there is no lie, there is just you saying what you say….thud.
6. Mercury in Capricorn you are practical like that stone. Nothing moves that is not necessary, moss is a good thing, it means no mistakes were made through any sudden actions.
I better stop here, I would not want to say anything fantastic or off base right now. Mercury in Capricorn would frown.

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