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Uranus is handling the Zodiac right now. This means revolution is in the air.

Uranus returns to Aries today after its initial foray into Taurus. It will transit Taurus until 2026, where it will create upheaval, revolution, and transformation, and technological innovation in the world of finances, pleasure, and how we live upon the earth. 

While it was in Taurus you may have been experiencing upheaval in whatever house is ruled by Taurus in your chart. Now, expect to revisit the themes of Uranus in the Aries ruled house in your chart. (you can look up your chart here on my website if you need a refresher.)

Uranus moving back into Aries on an election day promises excitement and revolution. I suppose that is good for the resistors and not so good for the party that currently holds all branches of power in the U.S. Government. I am looking at you Donald. 

A burst of energy accompanies the ingresses. Be ready to make use of it for the good. Now what is good, what is just? For that, you may have to refresh yourself in your own philosophical studies my dear reader. Plato was quite revolutionary in his writings, and perhaps still is. 

One should think before acting when Uranus is in Aries, or you might just jump from the frying pan into the fire during this Ingress back to where we came from over the last 8 years. 

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