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Sun square Neptune. Things are not as they seem.

Sun trine Neptune today brings no certainty. This transit can cause vision or delusion and probably a mix of both. When we have spiritual vision we become deluded about the realities of life on earth. The need to be productive, to work hard, and to contribute to family and society. Those who have strong Neptune placements in their charts know this struggle.

It is hard to find any solidity when Sun trines Neptune, and it is best to forgo the need. Rather we cultivate a go with the flow attitude today and work on inner qualities. Inner qualities are remaining calm, inquisitive, open to possibility and ready for opportunities that present themselves.

Neptune is associated with drug use, delusion, and madness when it is not manifesting well. When it is manifesting it provides insight, vision, empathy, and love.

When Sun trines Neptune, things are not as they seem and it is easy to slip into illusion.

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