Heart Astrology

It is not enough to know what is going to happen. We also want to be able to negotiate with the fates. In this section, after your reading, I will direct you to methods I have found work in creating a greater sense of connection with your life and the world around you through remedies, magic, and transformational techniques based on your unique birth chart and transits.

We need to experience our lives as lived, that we have agency and power within them, to craft them, grow within them, and become more successful, happy, and conscious as human beings. Astrology is to be used to help us live a good life, and the remedies to make the best use of the opportunities that come our way.

With every reading, you may get a personal formula for engaging in a dialogue with your fate, as well as your self, your biases, and your integration into a mindset that develops you into a son or daughter of fortune.

We are all on the hero's journey, and you are the hero of yours.