Astrology Coach



Queen Elizabeth had John Dee as a personal advisor. What was once the provenance of Kings and Queens, a personal astrologer, is now available to you. As your personal astrologer, you will receive updates as to what the skies hold 5 days a week so you can strategize your time.  You can text anytime with astrology questions, horary questions, or electional astrology questions. Through the conversations we have, you will come to a greater understanding of these methods as you desire. We will also work on using guiding visualizations, affirmations, and intentional rituals to help you progress toward accomplishing your life goals.  This is creating a direct relationship between us where you are guided through the month, your life, and your career with astrology. It is a hands-on experience, useful for anyone looking to learn astrology more deeply or get an edge on professional life and personal development through astrology.

It is time to move forward from where you have been feeling stuck. After years of testing and studying how astrology can practically change one world view and develop one’s experience as feeling fulfilled and engaged with one life, this method which I have created is meant to give you the tools and reflections you need to change your life for the better and accomplish your goals. It is engaged and personal, so before signing up, be sure to reach out to me by email, phone, or social media to see if this relationship will work for you.


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