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“I listened to the reading you gave again, and so much was in an aligned tune to my inner song, it was such a lovely read at how you wove, mercurially (is that a word?) technical aspects & myth & observation & moments of muse.


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Latest philosophical musings:

2308, 2019

When Jupiter and Saturn Dance

We all must dance skillfully with Jupiter and Saturn When Jupiter and Saturn dance life expands and contracts.There is a rumor that Saturn is feminine. We all are surrounded by classical images of Saturn being an old man, perhaps holding a scythe. The scythe is symbolic of the harvest. The harvest is the end of things. Saturn implies a limit, an edge, a boundary or a wall. What you can not go beyond. Jupiter is a big man. Mirthful and grand. He is ever celebrating and ever hopeful in the experience that life is good and beneficent. The large gas body is expansive, and expanses whatever it touches. He holds a thunderbolt in one hand, Mundane Jupiter events often involve a storms. When Jupiter and Saturn dance we are looking at themes of limits and contraction. If the aspect is a conjunction, it is the begenning of a new expansion that comes from a solid foundation. If it is a square, it limitation which propels growth. If the two planets are in aspect by opposition, the experience is of the alternation of expansion and contraction. For instance, if we look at the chart of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's chart we find a Jupiter Saturn Opposition. Her Jupiter is at 10 cancer her Saturn at 8 Capricorn. Whatever your view of her politically, her ideas are expansive, and constantly met by resistance and moderation. The news [...]

1906, 2019

The coming Saturn Pluto conjunction. Part I

When the Titans Battle the world is changed The Saturn Pluto conjunction is coming. It is going to be the most hyped disaster aspect since the Pluto Uranus square of 2011 through 2016. The great thing about astrology is that given enough planets, we always have a disastrous aspect coming up to worry about. Gentle reader, I am here to tell you that most of us will be fine. You will hear a lot of hand wringing about this coming conjunction coming up. This short post will explore why its not going to be a big deal, why it is going to be a big deal, and why most of us will be fine. Saturn Pluto conjunctions occur about every thirty six years. There was a conjunction complex around 1947 and a conjunction complex around 1982. Thirty five years later we here at 2019 will be going into another conjunction complex. Did civilization collapse on those dates, no. During this time America did not devolve into a civil war, no. Did you die, well heck, you may not have even been born. What did happen on those dates? First strike 1947 There was a bit of a panic every time, that is true. But Saturn Pluto conjunction has been both constructive of our modern society as well as set the tone for the following 36 year period of angst. In 1947 the Saturn Pluto [...]

1606, 2019

Hong Kong and the Saturn Mars opposition.

Millions of citizens clad in black take to the streets. The Premise: Hong Kong is a doomed state. In 2047 the one party two systems guaranteeing civil protections, and at least symbolically, Hong Kong's democratic freedoms will end. The people of Hong Kong do not want to loose those freedoms before they have to, and have on occasion shown a strong will to take to the streets. Over the last two weeks millions of them are doing just that. Why are they protesting? China, through the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam was set to introduce an extradition treaty with the HK government. This treaty will allow Chinese to come and grab people they do not like out of HK, for whatever reason, and whisk them back to China. The Chart Hong Kong's Chart is beautiful, in that it describes with eloquence the cityand the people itself. Aries is rising, with Saturn in Aries. Thus the HongKong population has initiative but hard lives which they endure with a fervor. The moon is in exaltation in the second conjunct the Part of Fortune. Yes, Hong Kong is very rich. The third is ruled by Mercury in Cancer in the fourth. Hong Kong people believe their city is one of the greatest in the world. They are very much home people. The Fourth has the Sun in Cancer. Hong Kong is a Cancer. It is [...]

2705, 2019

The death of Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, was a voice for the unconscious during the rise of the Baby Boomer generation. His chart is a fascinating example of how several common and a few less common markers of death are found in the chart. They not only described his death, but through solar direction were activated during the year of his death. He died of a drug overdose in Paris on July 3rd 1971. He was born December 8th 1943 at 11:55 am in Melbourne, Florida. The house of death in western astrology is the 8th house. The ruler of his 8th house was Mercury which is in the 12th house of Drug use and depression. During the year of Jim Morrison's death his directed ascendant was 1 degree away from squaring his Al Khayyat or killing planet at the time of his death. This is easily within the margin of error on the timing of his ascendant at birth. One can use this to speculate he was actually born at 11:57. This would create an exact square between his killing planet and directed Ascendant at the time of his death. For those not familiar with it, Al Khayyat's Almuten of death or the killing planet is a planet that meets a strict set of criteria and is considered a planet that brings danger to the native. In Jim Morrison's case it is Mars. Mars is ruled by Gemini, [...]

2405, 2019

Living your best life

You are the Sun of your life. Astrology is meant to be a tool for living your best life. Everyday, everyone of us wakes up, and goes through the routine of the lot of our life. We dream of having a different life. We wish to be richer, have a lover, have a different lover, be closer to distant people, be farther from certain close people. We might wish for fame, or we might wish for solitude. We all wish everyday for that which is different from our fate. Fate from a stoic perspective can be defined as thus, Fate= a rational principle for things administered by Providence within the cosmos; a string of causes, an inescapable ordering and connection. I am still studying stoicism, having spent most of my life studying buddhism. In Buddhism the sages and wise ones teach that happiness is found in contentment. Contentment is accepting what you have, or accepting you fate. If you look at the definition above Fate is ones providence within the cosmos. This is called our Lot in life. The lot of fortune represents this in the astrological chart. The whole chart represents this. The chart represents where there will be struggle and where there will be ease, talent, and joy in a persons life. It does so with some remarkable accuracy. For instance Mars shows where one will have strife. Jupiter where one will [...]

1903, 2019

Devin Nunes Astrology

Devin Nunes astrology is really interesting. As most readers may know is a California Congressman. Devin is supposed to be a dairy farmer. Although he represents a conservative California congressional district, his dairy farm is in Sibley, Iowa. Sibley is an important name to astrologers, but that is a story for another post. Devin Nunes claim to fame over the last three years has been that he used his role on the Congressional Intelligence community as a tool for his staunch support of the Presidency of Donald Trump. This support has made him an object of ridicule amongst liberal and centrist intellects who find his antics although perhaps harmful, also hilariously see through and lacking in intelligence. Devin is once again in the news as a lawsuit he has brought against twitter and two twitter parody accounts has been met with incredulity. One of the parody accounts, known as Devin Nunes Cow or @DevinCow, since being named in the lawsuit has gone from having 1,000 followers to having 350k followers in two days. By tomorrow, @DevinCow will probably have more followers than Devin Nunes himself has. So what does Devin’s chart say about him and his relationship to cows, governance, and the perception of being a Trump Tool? The Chart First his chart has a basic make up of a strong first and tenth house. This is not much of a surprise as it [...]

503, 2019

Into the Mystic Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury retrograde, like all retrograde periods has a tonality to it. That tonality is given context and shape by the sign the planet is retrograding in. This Mercury retrograde which extends from March 5th to March 28th will occur in the mystic sign, Pisces. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and marked by its boundary free nature. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which seeks to expand. Pisces is a water sign, so the expansion is wet, emotional, and dream like. Pisces has an association with mystics. Jupiter has an association with philosophy and religion. Boundary less philosophy and religion is a quality of mystics. Because the water element has sway over dreams and the subconscious Pisces is rich with the quality of intuition and dream like knowing. Right now Neptune, which is a planet that can send dream signs, is in Pisces. Pay attention to your dreams when the Moon aspects Neptune. Neptune or Pisces are commonly found prominent in people who are irresistibly and perhaps even irritatingly mystical and intuitive. This Mercury retrograde will conjunct Neptune for a 2nd and 3rd time as it travels through the sky. It will also spend its entire retrograde journey in Pisces. That makes this a mystical retrograde. There is all the usual Mercury retrograde stuff, which a reader of this blog should be aware of, as would any student of astrology. You know, becareful [...]

2202, 2019

Venus Conjunct Pluto

Venus conjunct Pluto today and we have a prostitution scandal breaking in the national news. This U.S. scandal involves multiple people, the biggest name currently is Robert Kraft, owner of Kraft Foods and the New England Patriots. There are reports that even more well known public figures are involved. Apparently there are videos, and the scandal coming out of Florida, involves not just prostitution, but the darkness of women being sex trafficked against there free will. Venus and sex Venus represents the goddess of love and pleasure. The pleasure of physical enjoyment is represented by Venus. She represents sex, hence the common root between the words Venus and venereal. Venus of course represents young women. In this case the symbol of young women prostitutes who give pleasure and massages fits perfectly with the aspect occurring today, as well as the news report. When we speak of physical enjoyments we are speaking of lesser enjoyments because the physical world is one that is dense and heavy in its energy. This idea is delineated from the idea that Jupiter represents greater pleasure. Greater pleasure is the pleasure that comes from prayer, good deeds, philosophy, the practice of the four immeasurables, and the practice of the six paramitas. We all love a good Venus moment though. Pluto and slavery Pluto represents the underworld and the hidden. That which has been dark and involves deep power. In this [...]


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