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“I listened to the reading you gave again, and so much was in an aligned tune to my inner song, it was such a lovely read at how you wove, mercurially (is that a word?) technical aspects & myth & observation & moments of muse.


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Latest philosophical musings:

1709, 2010

Jupiter. Uranus. and the Thunder of Opportunity.

Traditionally in astrology Jupiter is considered to be the god of Storms. In Norse Myth this was the god Thor. He was Zeus in Greek mythology, which you may remember yielded thunder bolts upon the unsuspecting. This is because Jupiter Ruled storms. It was by tracking the movements of Jupiter that storms were predicted. To this day, weather astrologers have amazing accuracy in predicting weather, for example visit weathersage. Now when Jupiter the god of storms meets [wikipop]Uranus[/wikipop], the god of the sky, in Pisces what do we get. Well these two have been dancing for all year in and out of Pisces and Aries and they are about to conjunct again. In fact, we will see them conjunct in just a few days. This is of course a combination that makes, storms. Well, we did have a tornado in Brooklyn already. We also have Hurricane Igor, which thankfully is not going to make any significant landfall, aside from the Bahamas, as it is a beast of a storm. The last time the two planets conjoined we also had severe Tornadoes in the states, these were in the Greatlakes area and were very destructive. Now what is this to us. I mean how is this useful other than watch out for tornadoes or storms in your area, (which is not very useful to most of us)It is because outer and inner correlate. Watch out [...]

1409, 2010

Using Astrology for Medical Elections.

I would like to continue the theme of Astrology as incorporating the fourth dimension of timing to insure success in endeavors. One of the classical arts that was lost to the west was the use of astrology in determining when to see a doctor. Why is it that some healthy people have surgeries and everything goes wrong. Why is it that some sick people have surgeries and everything goes right. It is the art of timing that helps contribute to these differences. Astrological elections can be a determining factor in whether a medical procedure is successful or not. It was even believed, and is worth contemplating and even researching if one had the time and funding, that even when you first go and see a doctor about an illness makes a difference in how well you will be cured, or whether the root of the disease can be addressed or will be addressed. My mother, a very sweet yet fragile woman, was to have spinal reconstruction surgery. I looked at her chart and fortified Saturn, which rules the bones, made sure the Moon and the Ascendant were not afflicted, the rulers of her spirit and body. The doctors were a little upset but we came up with a good day. The result was the surgeon said it was the most successful spinal reconstruction surgery he had ever done. In Surgeries one should always avoid [...]

3008, 2010

Electional Astrology

Their are 3 main branches of Astrology. These three are Natal, Horary, and Electional. Most people are familiar with Natal readings. This is where an astrologer looks at a chart for the time and place where you were born and can then tell you about your psychology, your spirituality, future likely life events, good and bad habits that you might have etc. Of course this is very useful. Horary astrology is also something a good deal of people are interested in. This is when an astrologer looks at a chart for the moment a question is asked, and from that can determine, not only the answer to the question, but also the details of the story surrounding the question. This is also very useful. There is a third type of astrology called Electional astrology. Electional astrology is based upon this idea."The forms of this composite world are obedient to the forms of heaven(Ptolomy, The Centiloquium)" or "All that is and becomes in this world, that is, by means of generation and corruption, is caused by the 120 conjunctions" (Ptolomy, The Centiloquium ). The meaning here is that the interdependence of form and experience on earth is indicated and ruled by the motion of the planets and stars. This then becomes something that a wise person can use to the benefit of themselves and others. A good astrologer can determine when to start a project [...]

2308, 2010

The love of Mars and Venus.

Mars and Venus will be entering exact conjunction again on July 13th 2021. What does this conjunction foretell? If it falls on a point of personal power for you, that is in tight aspect to an inner natal planet in your chart, if foretells of great transformation. It was suggested by Robert Blasche and Stephan Arroyo, that this is a conjunction of spiritual transformation. To examine this ourselves we need to appreciate the myth of Venus and Mars. The reason for this is that to connect with and make use of astrology, it helps to relate to the planets as living mythological forces in your life. Mars is the energetic God of War and Venus is the sensuous Goddess of creative pleasure and delight. It is important to know they can switch roles though. Mars is force and Venus is receptivity. Both of them are facets of passion.  In your chart, as well as for the world, they are playing out mythological archetypal roles. Mars is sending you challenges that you must rise up to. He can be helpful, neutral, or really have it out for you, depending on his sect, sign placement, and aspect. The same goes for Venus. Mars Think of it this way, where Mars falls in your chart, that is a place where you must rise to the challenge and be a warrior. Where Venus falls in your chart, that [...]

2008, 2010

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo.

On Friday Aug. 19th, 2010 Mercury is going retrograde in Virgo. Mercury likes Virgo...Mercury really likes Virgo, so here, retrograde motion is not to bad. Virgo is in a psychological sense about healing, nurturing, feeding, and refining. It rules the intestines, the organ of digestion. It also rules the art of analyzing. So as is usual with Mercury Retrograde we should be taking a second look at these things. It is said that contracts are often dysfunctional, electronics that are bought during Mercury Retrograde fail, or Automobiles, airplanes, mechanical transportation vehicles fail. Why is this said? It is that Mercury rules negotiations, going from here to there swiftly, electricity, sales, communications. Everything under this influence is effected in a Mercury Retrograde period, but does it mean they stop working or don't. Of course not, you are looking at your computer right now. One astrologer friend worked at a computer/ software help center. His own private research suggested that repair/ help requests went up around 10 % during Mercury Retrograde. This is not that much, but a noticeable effect on computers. I tend to always buy my computers on Mercury Retrograde, and ...they work fine. I also tend to always do repair work on my car during Mercury Rx. I do it on purpose, I plan it as a way of honoring Mercury. Hey, if Mercury is asking for a little attention, perhaps we should [...]

2406, 2010

The Lunar Eclipse of June 26th.

On June 26th there will be a lunar eclipse visible over the western half of the united states. It will occur around 430 am on the west coast of the United States. All eclipses are traditionally viewed with caution. The idea is that they are eclipsing the natural light of the universe, and thus meant to be handled with care when they occur in the natal chart. Likewise they can portend disaster in a Mundane chart to. Mundane refers to worldly events. As an example of this, on April 25 1986 there was a total lunar eclipse that occurred. This eclipse had the rare coincidence of conjuncting the planetoid Pluto.  What happened the next day? The [wikipop]Cherynobl nuclear accident[/wikipop]. Now it just so happens that this Lunar Eclipse is also going to conjunct the planetoid Pluto. It does that while there is a tremendous amount of tension in the sky due to the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, to Saturn, which are squared by Pluto. This is something to take note of for certain. In the Tibetan Astrological school, it is believed that eclipses fortell of the virtue in the world leaving. They are also a time when whatever acts of virtue one does engage in can have tremendous benefit. Thus... an eclipse is an important time of prayer. Now astrologically speaking, I would say this eclipse is exceptionally important. So please...take some time [...]

2206, 2010

Tuesday is Mars day.

According to the [wikipop search="days of the week"]Chaldean order of the days[/wikipop], which may be far more ancient than the Chaldean civilization,  that is just the first written recording we have of days being named in such a way, Tuesday is ruled by Mars. This means that on Tuesdays, the energy of Mars is more palpable and can be felt more directly. Now there is a real good way of subtly refining the way you work with the lunar calendar through the signs. You add the current moon sign to the Chaldean order of the days. If we were to do that today we would get a Mars day in a Moon sign ruled by Scorpio. So what does that mean for the vibrational energy of humanity today. Well, here in America, we get General McChrystal (Mars, the Warrior), being called to task for emotional revelations (scorpio) of his personality clash to President Obama (Scorpio also rules relationships). This was the dominate news story of the day and fits perfectly with the natural energy of the day. So experiment combining them both in your meditations and your activity. Try using this refined meaning of the energy of the day to your advantage, and know on which days to be cautious. You may find this very helpful. I will post more examples as they arise.

1606, 2010

The Cardinal Grand Square.

I have been asked by friends to comment on the Cardinal Grand Square occurring this summer. So I will weigh in over the next few days. First, today, what is it. It is a combination of planets, interacting with stressful angles in relation to the earth this summer. Which planets, the Planet Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are the main players. Saturn, Venus, and Mars will square Pluto, while opposing Jupiter and Uranus. When will this happen, August 6-9th will be the peak date. Why will this happen? It is a natural cycle. It has happened before and will happen again. Astrology is the study of Cycles. The planets can tell us what happens in these cycles by looking at there signs. We have three types of signs, they are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed. What is remarkable about this aspect is that it is occurring in a Cardinal sign. Cardinal means new beginnings. How new...well, not that new, new beginnings are really ruled by the Jupiter Saturn conjunction cycle, and this is not one of those. This is an opposition Jupiter and Saturn, so it is actually the fruition of a cycle that was indicated 14 years ago when Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted. The Jupiter and Saturn cycle conjuncts in Cardinal Aries every 720 years, and that, according to traditional astrologers who have been recording the cycles of humanity and the stars [...]


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