Neptune the King of Mystery

Neptune offers mysteries but does not offer answers. This is the nature of the beyond, and one which we as souls in infinity must grow comfortable with.

Types of Astrology Readings

So you want an astrology reading, but you don’t know what to ask for? With the recent renaissance in astrology, the options can become rather confusing. There are offerings in Traditional astrology, Modern Astrology, Psychological Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, Centaur Astrology, Electional Astrology, greek Astrology, Human Design, Uranian astrology, Horary astrology, Talismanic Astrology and Jyotish Astrology, […]

Aries Spring Prediction for the US 2021

The Aries ingress chart has been used as a predictive tool for nations and lands for a long time now. I follow the text of Mash’allah when I do the Aries Ingress chart. He lived in 8th century Baghdad and was one of the forerunners of Medieval astrology, which is my favorite form of astrology. […]

Mercury the philosophical trickster

The Sun is the soul, the moon is the spirit, to them we add mind. Mercury is mind. They are a trinity, for mind is the medium between the soul and the spirit. Mercury the divine being, who is also known as Hermes, is said in the old myths of the ancient occidental wisdom traditions […]

Year of the Metal Ox

Welcome to the Year of the Metal Ox. Originating in Asia, the 60 year cycle calendar is Asian is practiced in a unique and individual way by numerous cultures within the Asian geographical region. The celebration of the lunar new year is now a world wide phenomena. I have been doing forecasts for the year […]

Jupiter and Thanksgiving

Jupiter and Thanksgiving are related. I like to contemplate this whenever the Sun moves into Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. It reminds me of how western tropical astrology is seasonal, with a relationship to the Northern Hemispheres seasons. Not just in the sense that Sagittarius takes place during a time of the year when […]

Astrology and trauma

Yesterday I posted on my Twitter feed about how you can see past trauma in the Astrology chart. It received a tremendous response, I think because almost everyone knows this is true if they have been reading charts, but few people talk about it. A question was asked in my timeline about where and how […]

Sports Astrology Rams vs 49ers 10.3.2022

Monday night saw an exciting football game between two divisional rivals that are supposed to be the top of their class. The San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. The 49ers we’re expected to win by 1.5 points, but looking at both teams on paper it was not easy to decide who would have […]

Venus in Libra

That goddess of goodness, the sweet and sublime kiss of pleasure Venus is entering Libra today. She is a queen in Libra, where the whole world aids her in her bidding. What is it she likes, of course, she likes beautiful sounds, soft, enticing, and pleasing to the eye clothing, wine, feasts, romance, and sensual […]

The fall of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson resigned as head of the British Parliament and as head of the Conservative Party today July 7, 2022. When looking at his astrology chart and the transits he was facing the outcome was certain. He has always been a controversial figure, which can also be seen clearly by his astrology. This article explores […]