Mercury Retrograde May 2009

After many months of not getting to this blog, I have decided to take the opportunity of Mercury Retrograde to launch it. That may sound counter intuitive, but that is what Mercury Retrograde is really about anyways! Mercury has the highest eccentricity of orbit of all the planets in the solar system. Retrograde means going against what the tribe thinks is normal. Retrograde also means redoing things. I have now rewritten this blog 6 times during the mercury retrograde cycle.

I was born with Mercury Retrograde combusting the Sun, so it is like a native feeling for me. Communications become confused, electronics and vehicles break down, cleat thinking becomes a challenge. That is what a mercury retrograde native is used to. It feels like home. To be born with Mercury retrograde means that your ability to communicate and think is different than mainstream society. It means that you will have a heightened sense of intuition. It also means that more often than not, you will put your foot in your mouth.

What to do, if it is native, or if you are just experiencing its effects temporarily until the end of the month, the answer is the same. Slow down, become more thorough, take the time to revisit old ideas and start putting them into action. An individual with Mercury Retrograde must become very conscious of how they communicate, for they are apt to be misunderstood. This is how to make use of Mercury Retrograde.

I suppose I should put in the old adage and say don’t buy cars or electronics, or sign large contracts while Mercury is retrograde. So cheers to all of you! Be eccentric and enjoy the Retro Cocktail and Revisit some old ideas! Mercury will be retrograde until the June 1st..

Don't let the swift footed one trick you!

Don't let the swift footed one trick you!

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