Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 2015

HermesTomorrow on the 21st of January Mercury will go retrograde again. This astro weather alert is meant to point out to you that you should be careful in all of your business and contract negotiations during this time. It is also a time when extra computer, travel, mail, communication, and automobile glitches can be expected. As always the advice is to take it easy and slow during this time.

Recently my blog was disassembled by what may have been a hack. The perfect thing to do during Mercury retrograde is to rebuild it, so that is indeed what I am doing! Expect to see a fresh new look over the next 21 days. If you have any communication, computer, contract, or a vehicles you want to rebuild, the next three weeks are perfect! That is the upside of Mercury Retrograde.

There is a concept called planetary charity. Christopher Warnock in his blog Renaissance Astrology is a big promoter of it. Perhaps it would be worthy of exploring, if you Mercury Retrograde seems to give you trouble on a consistent basis to experiment with doing a little planetary charity as it starts out.  For a detailed account of how to engage in such activity you can visit his web page here: Planetary Charity. For simplicity sake though, as Mercury retrograde starts on Wednesday, give a little offering to a non profit that is ruled by Mercury. Any charity that has to do with Translation, News, Media, communication, or learning is ruled by Mercury. I would suggest giving to Dzongsar Khyentse 84,000 words of the Buddha translation project here: 84,000.

Good luck and have a fun retrograde season.

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