Feng Shui

Feng Shui consultations

Humboldt Feng Shui is the art of placement and location for a building in relationship to when the building was built, its directions and placement in the environment, the time it was built, and how these factors affect the people who abide with in that place.

Good Feng Shui adjustments increase wealth, decrease personal friction, support good health and can help promote fame and well being. In Humboldt county we live in a rich treasure trove of an eco system with many dragon lines, beautiful water features and strong mountains. Humboldt Feng Shui can have tremendous rewards for people who adjust their house correctly to the environment.

I studied with the American Feng Shui and have built on that knowledge through study, research, and through 12 years of practice have developed tremendous confidence from experience in enhancing people’s lives and well being.

The Reading

Feng Shui readings are best done in person, and occur in two sessions. The first is an examination of the land, property, and the affects you are looking for in your life.

The second occurs after the stars and landscape have been thoroughly examined and the cures mapped out. We walk through the property and show exactly what is to be placed where. The feng shui form I practice does not leave obvious signs of new age feng shui. Only a skilled practitioner will even know your house has been remedied. The report is a response on what needs to be adjusted. It is up to you to make the changes once the report is given.

A Feng Shui reading can be done remotely, but unless I visit the property the results will take more fine tuning and several sessions.

The reading costs if you live in the greater Portland, OR. area is $400 dollars for two hour long sessions.

I do travel out of the Humboldt area to give you a reading. Readings that involve travel are $750 and all travel costs are to be covered by the client.

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