Crazy Mercury goes Retrograde Nov. 6th. All Mayham follows, or perhaps not.

Mercury. The Trickster, the jester, the fleet foot, changes his direction on Nov. 6th. You thought things were going one way, and then they went another way. As usual when posting on mercury retrograde astrolger’s say, “travel plans go awry, communications become difficult, electronics fail, contracts are negated, slow down”. And those of us who love using astrology as a philosophical tool within our own lives go all superstitious about the most certain doom like effects that come with that tricky planet going backwards in the sky according to our perceptions here on the planet earth. That being said, in no way does Mercury Retrograde imply that election day will be a totally confusing mayham of voting madness with no clear victor for days, weeks or months to come. It is possible, but please remember astrology is built on testimonies. The more testimony we see, the more we can decide if a particular outcome is likely to happen.

And here in is the rub. I have read the work of a lot of astrologers with various predictions about the upcoming election. The one thing that most agree on is an Obama Victory. But most believe it will be really close. However what I see is a huge variety of methods, many of which to some degree contradict each other. For instance, I would like to see this Mercury retrograde aspect within three degrees a chart point in the US natal chart to suggest that there will be election upheaval of an abnormal sort. Even this presents a problem as there are multitudes of charts that people use for the birth of the United States. Mercury is going Retrograde at exactly 4 degrees eighteen minutes of Sagittarius. When I compare it to the three most popular charts used for the United States: the Scorpio rising chart, The US Sibley Chart, Mercury is not in aspect to any significant point in the chart. However in the US constitutional chart, Mercury is in aspect to the Moon, representing the “people” in the 11th house (hope and joy) by two degrees. The moon in this chart rules the 7th house which is the other. I do not see this as being an invocation of a long legal wrangle. Some people have suggested on my facebook page ( that Mercury Retrograde indicates returning to the old president. With Mercury aspecting the moon in the US Constitutional chart, I would tend to agree. For astrology wonks, I have rectified the US constitutional chart to 3:28 pm Philedelphia, Septemeber 17th 1787.

The US Sibley chart is interesting for the Ascendant conjunct the Leo North Node in the eighth house of birth and death in around 6 months from this post. There are a lot of arguments for why the Sibley chart does not work, but if it does, this would indicate a threat to the life of the “king” in May of 2013. But more to the point of this post, I just do not see enough evidence that this election will be one that is contested or confused. Likewise if I look to the Washington DC equinox chart, which holds the specific destiny for the nation during the fall quarter, (Washington D.C., Sept. 22nd. 10:51 am.) we find the Mars in the first house well dignified ruling the first house. This is indicative in my mind of a clear mandate and direction occurring for the country. Interestingly enough in this chart Neptune sits retrograde in Pisces in the fourth, the flooding of the homeland. The fourth is also ruled by Saturn which is in the house of the hidden undoing (12th) in a wind sign. But the Mercury Retrograde point does not aspect any significant points with in this chart also.

I would like to make a personal note here. Although we are speaking of mundane matters, this applies to ones own chart also. If Mercury going retrograde aspects a sensitive point in your chart, then you can expect it will effect you in noticeable ways. If it does not, it probably will not be a big deal for you, and you can proceed with a little more caution and patience than usual and all will be fine.

While Mercury going retrograde might create a sense of confusion in the air, I do not believe it is confusion about the election. I am just a student of this art however, and look forward to learning if the Trickster has tricked me this time.

Concerning who will win the office itself. I defer to Nate Silver for that.

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